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Rules! Please Read and Sign!

Hello my fellow friends, many people have their rules, or standards if you may. Well, if you didn't know as do pirates, especially this cretin pirate. Now if you all do not abide by the rules aboard my vessel, well either three of this unfortunate things will happen, you will walk the plank and the mermaids will finish you off or the blasted crocodile, or I shall give you a taste of my dreadful poison, or I can gut you like a fish one of the many wondrous things my hook can do, so the choice is yours my dear ones. Now, here are my rules. 

1. About James 'Hook' Jones: 
James is the half brother of Killian and Liam, and the reason he has a hook is because he has a little grudge with Pan and he cut it off and threw it to a crocodile, so to all of those who are confused James is not Killian nor anything like him really. If you are curious to know about more of James's story, take a look at his bio on my profile which I worked very hard on, or you can always message me and I will answer any questions you may have. 

2. Mains and Connections: 
I would very much like some mains and connections, but before we just jump into things, I like to get to know them a bit, so I can know the character's writing skill, and see if said character clicks with my own. I don't like jumping into something without getting to know something, just in case I may regret the decision later. 

3. Relationships: 
Yes, James is rather heartless and that said heart is as black as coal, but that doesn't mean he can't fall in love...that's is if he met the right person. When my character is in a relationship he will be very faithful to them and he will expect his lover to do the same. He will not cheat on his lover no matter what, he may be a pirate but he is always faithful to the one who is able to steal his heart. 

4. Ships: 
I ship James with many people, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Regina and I will ship him with basically any OC that is if their story makes sense with his once put together. I never gave much thought to shipping James and Tiger Lily but I'm not totally against it, I'm up for anything really. 

5. AU {Alternate Universe}: 
I personally love doing AU, it gives you a chance to use your imagination and be creative and original instead of just writing something word for word. I will never say no to a good AU storyline, considering that my character is rather AU himself. 

6. Writing Style: 
My writing styles are Multi Para and Novella, I'm sorry but I do not accept one liners. The only time I will accept one liners are when in a status or a photo. 

7. Crossovers: 
I do accept crossovers since I suppose my character would be considered a crossover as well. I can really roleplay with any verse, OUAT, Peter Pan, Hook, Game of Thrones, or Lord of The Rings...if it makes sense I'm fine with it. 

8. Real Life: 
I do have a life outside of roleplaying and sometimes I get quite busy and I can't send out starters and replies as quickly. So all I ask for is patients when it comes to things like that, besides good things come to those who wait! 

Well, those were my rules! I thank all who have taken the time to read them and if you have read, understood and will follow them, please sign this with a gif of your favorite Peter Pan character or your favorite Once Upon a Time character and a favorite quote of theirs! Thank you all for reading, its very much appreciated! 

         The Red Eyed Pirate. 

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