09/07/2012 06:56 PM 

Updated Rules
Current mood:  annoyed

As I am tired of the general bullshit I have encountered here, I have decided it was about time to update this shit. If you can't handle what's written here, get the fuck out and stay away from me. I will not deal with you and your ignorance any longer.

Eventually, these will be posted in my profile. I need to figure out how to adjust the size of the location first.

The Rules;
1. I don't add numbers.
2. You pick a character you want to roleplay with.
3. If you are a multi-character account then YOU pick one of your characters that you want me to rp with.
4. If you add me, you speak first. If I add you, I'll speak first. I get rid of people who don't speak or respond to me after a weeks time. If there is something I should know about that would prevent you from speaking with me for a certain time, you better be damn sure to tell me if you want to stay here.
5.OOC goes in comments, Roleplays go in messages. You send me an ooc in messages without previous discussion of it and I get rid of you. Simple as that.
6.My roleplays are multi-para to novella. Rarely will I do anything else. Can't make the cut? Don't roleplay with me.
7. Can't follow these then fuck off.

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