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12/06/2022 12:37 PM 

An Ending

A flurry of action followed by inaction was the best way to describe what was meant to last a few months but had subsequently bled into years. Not that it was anything the sullen artist was unaccustomed to. He preferred it that way, his bursts of creativity could be exhausting and were always followed by a period of rest. That wasn’t the case of late however. He wasn’t able to create anything beyond the conceptual sketches in the pad he always carried with him. The lack of creation had to do with all the travel he’d had to do. It was all to do with a person for whom he’d been searching. At long last word had come because even in the age of technology when it seemed it should be easy to find someone it could still be difficult.

At long last however it seemed the search was over or at least very near to it having followed the trail all the way back to Tokyo. He sat now at the kitchen table, a half empty cup of coffee and his phone sitting before him. Again he was waiting for word.

Prior to coming he’d already set a plan in motion. Wren and Bella had come with him on this trip. He had a showing at his own gallery here. He was able to use that as a reason to ask his other closest friend to join him. In public not much was known about his family problems. The problem being his sister and her whereabouts. He would explain it all when he knew more but he had reason to believe an intervention would be required and the biggest concern besides her welfare was that of her child. Right now he had to wait for that call that would hopefully tell him where his baby sister was. 

It didn’t take long considering the time he’d put into looking. Within minutes of sitting there the phone rang. He reached down and lifted it pressing the screen to answer. 

“Hello?” He spoke quietly. His friend and her child still slept in the next room. Still adjusting after their trip from Boston. He listened for a moment to the voice on the other end before nodding his head. “I understand. Thank you for your hard work.” He simply replied before putting the phone back down. It struck him again how life can change in the blink of an eye. A pathway can be set only to abruptly come to a dead end and now all he could do was laugh.

 All this time chasing Emiri across the globe physically and virtually and it all ended with one phone call. There would be no intervention as she was beyond that now. She’d been found unconscious on the bathroom floor of a childhood friend of hers. Her young child was sound asleep in the bed they were borrowing for the night. No… there would be no intervention but another type of gathering. 

He now regretted his last show when he’d met with his old friend and an ex as well as mutual friend of Emiri. He hadn’t explained a thing. Hadn’t told him how erratic she’d been these past few years. How he’d argued with her, struggled to get her help. At least to get her back at his own side so he could take care of his baby sister and her child. Of course to no avail or perhaps he wouldn’t be here now in this mess. It was really too late to regret and pointless besides. That path was over and yet he still had so much left to do, so much to plan.


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