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03/10/2014 06:25 PM 

original puck story board. this is a gem

original storyboard featuring yours truly on my first tv on-air appearance

03/10/2014 06:23 PM 


the story behind the mirror
oberon and titania would have issues controlling puck.. he would never come right away when they summoned him..trouble mending his manners, so oberon made the mirror for titania..he bound puck to this mirror, to keep him in better line, she now would be able summon him through any time she wanted. it stayed in queen titania's quarters... now the weird sisters always wanted to get back at puck for all kinds of random trickery and grief he caused them, so when oberon first banished all the fairies from avalon  the weird sisters sent the mirror into the mortal world as well, so that anyone can summon him with the right spell and he would be forced to do their bidding by law.. he would not be free until he grants them one wish
however if they didn't wrap the mirror in iron chains, puck would just escape and get out of there

02/17/2014 03:48 PM 

the pucks ruuuullleeezzzz

the puck is not one to follow rules.. but after dealing with some train wrecks i think i have to do this

1. don't kill my character.. you can capture him, if you dare but you MUST release him after one wish, and you can not hurt him, it's only cold iron that can bring down the puck for real. poisoned orc arrows can only slow him down.. 
2. i would rather play with people 21 and up.. people who actually REMEMBER gargoyles  and or LOTR
and NO SMUT NO SMUT NO SMUT stay away..
3.  no love for puck  too many crazy people, he's not looking for that, puck has a huge heart but needs a break... rp is ROLEPLAYING  don't get attached to me, i'm actaully a prick in RL  you wouldn't like me ;P
4. i hate to say it, but any animie, stay away! there i said it. 
5. have fun.. this is all a game  , make believe,   i have a tendency to attract psychos but i assure you it's all in good fun..
6. no one can touch or kidnap my son robin i will go ballistic on ya ;)

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