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Poltergeist (My original DC character)
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Character: Poltergeist  

Real Name: Klaus Reinhardt

Nicknames/Monikers: Klaus Reinhardt von Erde (Klaus Reinhardt of Earth), Klaus Reinhardt von 
Deutschland (Klaus Reinhardt of Germany), Die Gespenst des Zornes (The Specter of Wrath)

Eyes: Ice blue (Like a wolves or a Siberian Husky)

Hair: short, jet black

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian 

Height: 5"11

Body Type: Mesomorph

Age: 18 (When he died)

Year of Birth: 1927

From: Germany

Powers and abilities: Wielder of three lantern rings. Black Lantern, Red Lantern, and Sinestro corp Lantern. With his Black lantern ring, he is able to create energy constructs notably using them to form the various weapons used throughout world war II such as Tanks, barriers with turrets, grenades, tear gas, rocket launchers,  and his most favorite weapon, the standard Lüger. With his Red lantern ring, his black lantern powers are amplified making any projectile fired more deadlier. His strength increases whenever entering rage mode, creating a rage shield that makes him practically invincible until he calms down. And with is Sinestro corp lantern  ring, He is able to paralyze his victims with their worst fear through illusions, hallucinations, and paranoia, making it much easier to administer the killing blow.

Hero /Villain attire: His spandex lantern suit is made up of the colors of the modern day German flag. The colors Black and Red make up the first half of the sleeve and suit while a sliver of red covers the other half with Yellow takes up the rest and covers the entire sleeve on the second half . In middle of his suit are the three symbols of the lantern corps that he aligns himself with. The Black lantern symbol is placed at the top while the Red is on the right side and the yellow lantern is on the left side. 

Casual attire: Klaus can been regularly scene wearing leather jackets and biker hats.  Occasionally he wears long Waffen SS coat that come down to his ankles. More often then not, he'll wear on his forearms an armband with the original swastika on it instead of the reverse swastika like the average Nazi would wear. This was his own  way of symbolizing that he turned his back on his Nazi ways. He'll also wear a necklace of the  Reichsadler (Imperialist Eagle), the design from 1888 to 1918.

Alignment: Evil at first, but now it varies from good to neutral.

Verse: DC comics, Marvel, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Justice League, Young Justice,  any verse that will accept him

Backstory: Klaus grew up in Germany when World War II was on the brink. He did not mind his country taking over the world and enjoyed the fact that he was supposedly on the winning side. But he was not fond of the idea of the German-Jews being so mistreated and discriminated against. In fact he had a girlfriend who was Jewish. This was a forbidden love and it was a tight kept secret between the two of them. But on one fateful day, Klaus caught her in the act of fellating another man. This act of betrayal sent him over the edge, beating down the man and turning in his former girlfriend into a concentration camp where she died shortly after. Klaus had been known to have anger issues and this event  skyrocketed them, leading him to joining the Hitler Youth and eventually the military. There he worked at concentration camps, helping send thousands of German-Jews to their deaths by the gas chambers, and even going so far as to execute them one by one with his Lüger. But then came the day when the Americans and the soviets were closing in on the Reichstag and Klaus was sent in to do his part for his country. He was later killed by tank fire which sent him high into the air and collapsing his lungs and vertebrae from the fall. 

He later woke up in the Dead Zone with Nekron towering over him. He was amazed that Nekron was able to speak his mother's tongue and aware of his origins and history. He was then given his first Black lantern ring, sliding it onto his  index finger on his right hand, and carried out the deeds that were given to him. Later on he met up with Atrocitus who asked him if he could do him a favor. There was a member of the Red Lantern corp who was planning to overthrow him and needed him to be "dealt with". He gladly accepted the offer. After neutralizing the insurrection, and liking what he saw from  the power of the red lantern ring,  Klaus decided to claim the ring as his prize, sliding onto his index finger on his left hand.  He then pressed the two symbols on his rings together, giving him a surge of incredible power. He was now able to create energy constructs while having a rage shield to protect him and able to unleash his fury with his newly acquired berserker strength.  After collecting two power rings with the color red and black, two of the colors of his country's flag at the time, Klaus sat off on a quest to gain a ring from the White lantern corp to show off his German pride and to get a second chance at life. This Quest proved to be unsucessful as he was denied countless times by Kyle Rayner and Swamp Thing for the sins  of genocide that he commited  in his life. He even went so far as to attempt it to take a white lantern ring by force and being met with disastrous results, nearly loosing both his rings.  After facing such discouragement, he would later meet up with the leader of the Yellow lantern ring corp., Sinestro. Sinestro deemed him worthy of wielding one of his lantern rings, graciously accepting the offer. Seeing as fear and death went hand and hand, Klaus slided the yellow lantern ring onto his ring finger, on the same hand as his original black lantern ring. Having no concerns about dying, he decided to remove Red lantern ring from his index finger on his left hand and wore it one his middle finger, between his Black and Yellow lantern rings.  Now that he possessed three lantern rings of the spectrum of Death, Rage, and Fear, Klaus Reinhardt dubbed himself  Poltergeist, Die Gespenst des Zornes.

He decided to return back to Earth to use his powers for the glory of Germany and to see the status of Third Reich and it's grip on the world. Much to his chagrin, he learned of the defeat of the Nazis, the Holocaust and it's survivors, the Berlin wall and that the American forces were now in power. This made Poltergeist irate and he vowed to bring his country back into power by his own hands.  With permission granted from each of the three leaders of his lantern ring corps, he gathered a mass of red and yellow lantern rings and gave them to his countrymen that felt the same as he did, red lanterns for the brute force and yellow lanterns for the intelligently gifted, while giving black lantern rings to his fellow soldiers that died in the war. Amassing an army, he sent out his followers to attack various countries in the world, including the United States. These attacks on the world garnered the attention of the Justice league as they ventured of to put an end to this conquest, leaving John Stewart to deal with this menace.  Poltergeist managed to get under the Black Green Lantern's skin  with his distasteful racial views and his Nazi conduct, putting John at a disadvantage, making him out act in anger instead of reason. Poltergeist left John Stewart critically wounded and was about to finish him off before helped arrived from fellow Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, now White Lantern, Guy Gardner and Kilowog. After being overwhelmed by numbers, Poltergeist fled into the darkness of the Dead Zone to fight another day. The Justice league were force to retreat and regroup after the growing power of Poltergeist's army, claiming major cities like New York,  New Jersey, Boston, Atlanta,  San Francisco, and even Washington D.C, all in the name of Germany. 

Still feeling the pain and betrayal of his ex-girlfriend, he ordered his soldiers to round up all the minorities and the other religions, rebuild the gas chanmbers and concentration camps thereby recreating the Holocaust on American soil. He emerged back into the living world to deliver a message onto Kyle Rayner. That if Kyle Rayner was willing to give him a white lantern ring, giving him a second chance at life, that he would call off the execution of several minorities throughtout the world.  With the Justice League outmatched and seemingly out of options, they were reluctantly willing to abide by Poltergeist's demands before Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lanterns devised a plan. Hal Jordan came in Kyle Rayner's place to hand over a white lantern ring to Poltergeist. Little did he know that when he placed the lantern ring onto his finger, it unleashed a dirty trick. Poltergeist was zapped with a bolt of lantern draining energy, critically reducing the energy within his lantern corp power rings. It looked as though Hal was about to finish Klaus off for good, removing him of his power rings and sending him back to the afterlife, most likely Hell. But with the last remaining reserve of his red lantern energy, fueled by the rage deep within his heart and being, Poltergeist was able to spring back into action, managing to actually form a red giant fist energy construct at the last minute. While Jordan lay flat on the ground, recovering from the blow, taken by surprise, Poltergeist removed the false white lantern ring and recharged himself by speaking all three of his lantern corp oaths in his native tongue of German. Now that he was fully charged, Poltergeist utilized everything he had in his arsenal to defeat Hal Jordan. Using his brute strength to crush his body with his red lantern ring, creating energy constructs of Germany's previous and modern weapons and torturing devices with his black lantern ring,  and using his Yellow lantern ring to fill him with such fear and illusions until his mind breaks. 

While the Justice league and the Green Lanterns were destroying the Gas Chambers and freeing the imprisoned minorities from the concentration camps, Hal Jordan was paralyzed in a state of complete fear after being injected in the neck with a heavy dose of fear serum that Poltergeist created from a syringe energy construct with his yellow lantern ring. Jordan was on his knees, his mouth gaped open and his stare blank poised for the kill as Poltergeist formed a black energy construct into his favorite weapon, the Lüger, and pointed it directly at the middle of Hal's forehead . But before he could administer the killing blow, Kyle Rayner tackles Poltergeist out of nowhere, saving his fear comatose comrade. With Poltergeist's latest addition of the yellow lantern ring to his arsenal, he proved to be quite a challenge for Rayner to handle as even he was nearly overtaken by the use of all three of his lantern rings.  Nevertheless, Kyle was a master of all 9 of the emotional spectrum and Poltergeist was soon overpowered, like before, by Rayner's abilities as a white Lantern.  Meanwhile, the Justice league and the Green Lanterns were mopping up the rest of Poltergeist's forces around the globe, given temporary white lanterns to deal with the ever growing numbers of the Black Lanterns and to seal the dead zone portals that they were being released from. On a mission to Germany to gather more information on the "Poltergeist" individual, Batman uncovered the records of Klaus Reinhardt, his  in-depth therapy sessions and something else that he picked up from an abandoned Nazi concentration camp, a Journal or a Diary of sorts. After translating the necessary information, Batman discovered that Poltergeist, or Klaus, was just a troubled youth that just needed reformation and guidance.  Poltergeist was about to do like he did last time, retreat into the deadzone to fight another day. But much to his horror, he discovered that his access to the deadzone had been cut off. His yellow lantern glowed as the very  emotion of fear that his lantern ring possessed was written all over his face as he stared up at a very merciless Kyle Rayner who was about to strip him of his three lantern rings. He plead and begged for mercy, sacrificing his self-honor and dignity. But his plea that costed him his pride looked to be in vain as Rayner was about to remove his rings until he received a call from Batman. Batman had very much to reveal about Klaus and, despite his crimes, that he deemed him worthy of redemption. Not to mention that there was something that he needed to know about his ex-girlfriend. With that, Kyle hung up and returned his gaze to Poltergeist, or Klaus, who was now looking pitiful beneath him with his power and diginity lost. Kyle ordered Klaus to surrender and come with him, to which he accepted.  

Back at the Watchtower, A slide show of photos and documents  pertaining to Klaus played across the large TV monitor for the members of the Justice league to observe. The purpose of this was to show them why he should be spared and be given mercy. One picture, in particular, appeared on the screen, showing Klaus participating in a military march. Close examination revealed that instead of wearing armband with a reversed Swastika emblem, like everyone else, he wore the original Swastika, a feat that he had gotten chewed out for many of times. And despite his ill will against the Jews, that he held nothing against those with disabilities. He even risked his life to save them from execution by releasing them under a different alias, housing them whenever he could and even returning them to their homes if possible.  Meanwhile, Klaus sat alone  in a holding cell with a gauntlet on the hand were he wore his lantern rings, preventing him from accessing his lantern energy except for the black lantern energy that kept him alive. After awhile, Kyle Rayner opened the door and walked into his cell. He informed him that the League was going to let him go free, but under close supervision. With that he dropped off a journal at his feet, telling him there was something important in there that he needed to know, before exiting the cell.  Klaus would open the journal and read through it only to discover that it was his ex-girlfriend's hand writing. She had journal entries in here from before they met, to when they were dating, to when there relationship became taboo and was kept in secrecy from the Nazi regime to the day he caught her in the act of betrayal. But there was something about that event he didn't know about, that he didn't realize, something...that brought a tear to his eye. While the two of them were going steady, there would be times when they got intimate. But it never lead to anything except for Klaus constantly getting cut off because she was still uncertain rather she was ready or not and if he was really "The One". But then the day can when she realized that he was her soulmate and they were meant to be together til death did they part. She was ready for him now, but he was doing some errands at the time and her bodily desires got the best of her. His absence was too much for her to bear and she experienced a moment of weakness with one of her dearest friends. There she was caught in the act by the returning Klaus Reinhardt. In a blind fury, he had beaten down a man who he thought could be trusted, nearly putting him into a coma, and grabbed her by the forearm.  She begged  and pleaded for him to listen as a stream of tears flowed down her face, becoming hoarsed from crying so much, but Klaus would pay her no mind to hear her end of the story. He threw her into  a prison truck full of Jews heading towards a concentration camp, packing up her stuff and throwing  it onto the back of the truck as she pitifully begged for forgiveness. The last sight of her was her weeping as the prison truck carried her off to the concentration camp. And to make matters worse, this was to be the day that he proposed to her and all of those "errands" he was making were for planning a wedding. But what upset him the most, what brought so many tear stains to the paper below, was that after all the hardship, torture,  and abuse she received at the concentration camp, she still loved him with all her heart  and forgave him, even to her dying breath.  He dropped the journal and started to cry, his lament wailing piercing through the cold hard steel for everyone to hear. 

After a few more days in holding, he was sat free, placed under the supervision of Plastic Man. He was banished from his home country of Germany after the nation apologized to the rest of the world for his heinous acts on behalf of his pride, only to return when he redeemed himself as a hero. But with him still harboring desires for a white lantern ring, his explosive temper and his inability to control his killing instincts, the path of heroism will be an arduous one for the likes of Poltergeist. 

Poltergeist's three Lantern Oaths translated in German (With original english oaths provided):

Red Lantern: 
Mit Blut und Wut karminrot,
(With  Blood and Rage of Crimson Red)
Zerrissen von einer Leiche so frisch tot,
(Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead)
Gemeinsam mit unseren höllischen Hass,
(Together with our Hellish Hate)
Wir brennen Sie alle - Das ist dein Schicksal!
(We Will Burn you all-That is your fate)

Black Lantern:
Der schwärzeste Nacht fällt vom Himmel,
(The Blackest Night falls from the skies,)
Die Dunkelheit wächst als alles Licht stirbt,
(The darkness grows as all light dies,)
Wir sehnen uns nach eure Herzen und Niedergang,
(We crave your hearts and your demise,)
Durch meine schwarze Hand - Die Toten auferstehen!
(By my black hand--The dead shall rise!)

Sinestro (Yellow) Lantern:
In schwärzeste Tag in hellste Nacht,
(In blackest day, in brightest night,)
Passen Sie Ihre Ängste in Licht gemacht
(Beware your fears made into light)
Mögen diejenigen, die zu stoppen, was ist richtig versuchen,
(Let those who try to stop what's right,)
Brennen wie meine Leistung,  Sinestro die Macht!
(Burn like my power, Sinestro's might!)

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My Cast of Characters (So far...)
Current mood:  creative

The Dark Lich: Lich was the first born son of the original grim reaper himself, who married a beautiful half bred vampiric human. He was the first ever natural born Lich with the cause remaining a mystery to this day. Lich was a happy child for 4 years with his family until it was declared illegal to love in the underworld. The powers that be apprehended Lich as a young child, mercilessly beating his mother and father as he presumed them to be dead. Lich was eventually abandoned 8 long years with the children, aswell as the adults, despising him on sight. They mocked and abused him for his family's love for one another, even going so far as to give him daily beatings that would normally kill somebody. Lich would often at times lash out his frustrations on the creatures of the underworld by taking the fight to them, but often with impunity invoked upon him as the beatings verbally and physically, along with the heckling, getting worser with each passing outburst. A life such as this would drive somebody to commit suicide, by a Lich's curse was their immortality as they are the very entities of death itself. But at the age of 12, fate smiled upon him as a mysterious man walked into his cave one day. This very man would one day become renowned in the world of earthrealm as the WWE wrestler, The Undertaker. He came upon Lich to ask would he be willing to become his apprentice. Lich not feeling a sense of being wanted in so long eagerly accepted the offer with open arms. He spent the next 8 years of his life training and learning everything from his master that he knows to this very day. At the age of 20, His master became the new Lord of Darkness and ruled over the northern parts of the Underworld and Lich then exacted his life long vengeance on those who took him away from his family. His skills in assassination and assault deemed him worthy of becoming a reaper of the damned. He then became apart of the alliance of Heaven and the Underworld, protecting humankind from the wickedness of the supernatural and the forces of Satan. He was then assigned the task to roam the earthrealm. He first arrived in Europe, where the people fear and despised him for bearing the image of death. Even when he rescued a damsel in distress, they ran in terror at the very sight of him. Several armies have attempted to smite him, but they were met with genocide. So Lich would then travel deeper into the woods and forests, seeking sanctuary in caves that were left vacant for eons. There he continues to serve his master as the apprentice of darkness, a reaper of the damned, and keep the balance of the alliance of heaven and the underworld. 

Erhnam, The Djinn: Erhnam was your average Djinn amongst the Djinn world. He had a brother named Juzam and they shared a tight bond. Playing together, training together, they were just your perfect example of brotherly love. But one day, Juzam fell under the influence of Iblis (Islam's version of Satan) and was corrupted from that point on. His path to wickedness was realized when he framed his brother for a crime that he himself committed. Erhnam was then imprisoned in a Djinn's lamp, sentenced to serve an undetermined amount of masters or mistresses until such time his freedom would be granted. Erhnam vowed from that point onward to take his vengeance out on his brother under the grounds of the false pretences that he was punished for. (Based on a card from the card game Magic: The Gathering)

Crimson Ghost Rider: The Crimson Ghost Rider was one of Mephisto's recent creations after harnessing the energy of the original Ghost Rider. He was created to do Mephisto's bidding, dragging souls down to hell that made a deal and backed out at the last minute or anyone else he was ordered to apprehend rather the sin be great or insignificant. Often he would drive in a 1930s automobile, even before the time of it's design, ladened in flames wearing a jacket long black jacket to collect souls. But on one fateful day, He met up with Johnny Blaze, the new Ghost Rider. He attempted to capture this renegade and bring him back to the clutches of Mephisto. But through each encounter, Blaze's influence grew stronger on the Crimson Ghost Rider. On one such occasion, the Crimson Ghost Rider had incapacitated Johnny Blaze and it looked as though he was finally going to hand him over to Mephisto. But as things were looking Grim, at the last second, The crimson ghost rider grabbed Blaze's chain and lassoed him away from Mephisto's clutches, ultimately betraying his creator. He completely severed his ties by removing himself of his long black jacket and automobile and donned the spiky black leather biker jacket and bright red pants with a motorcycle as his new form of transportation, dragging souls down to hell who truly deserve eternal damnation. 

S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Dirge: Roderick Martin Dirge has been a victim of depression ever since  the loss of his father, Anthony Simon Dirge, at an early age. He was recruited into S.H.I.E.l.D right after his high school graduation. There he learned the necessary skills and prowess to become a great asset for the S.H.I.E.L.D initiative. But his time to shine came when the pulse began and shards of Isotope 8 showered the earth. He fought alongside the Avengers through the forces of Hydra, A.I.M, and R.A.I.D and fought such foes as Viper, Whipflash, Baron Zemo, and M.O.D.O.K. It came time for the Shield to experiment with the variant Iso-8, implanting it into Agent Dirge's uniform. The Iso-8 had a very positive effect on Agent Dirge as it increased his health, stamina, and endurance among other abilities. But on one fateful day, when Loki caught wind of the Pulse and, with his army of Jotuns, invaded the Avengers Mansion, Dirge was mortally wounded by a Jotun. And as it looked as though arrangements were to be made for a Funeral, Dirge had risen. The Iso-8 that was implanted in his suit was now lodged into his body as the effects of the Iso-8 rapidly healed all of his wounds and afflictions, making Agent Dirge reborn. From then on Agent Dirge had a battle motto, similar to the Avengers motto, that only made sense to himself "When I go into war, A Dirge will play. And this Dirge, this Death march, will be either for my enemy....or Myself"

Samurai Jack: Jack's story first began when he was a young boy and the demon Aku escaped from his imprisonment by the hands of Jack's father. Jack's mother went into hiding and sent Jack to train around the world, as was planned by his parents should Aku ever escape his prison and Jack's father fail to stop him. After years of training with some of the greatest warriors of the time, Jack returned to the temple his mother was hiding in and was given the sword his father used to defeat Aku with and his signature kimono. Jack travelled to the castle of Aku and found his father enslaved and nearly skin and bones. He warned Jack that it was too early for him to fight Aku, but he didn't listen and continued on. Jack then confronted the sorcerer and the battle began. Jack managed to severely wound Aku, but before he could deal the final blow, Aku opened a time portal and threw Jack into it, sending him centuries into the future. When Jack finally escaped the portal, he found himself in a dystopian future. After Jack escaped being crushed, he met three alien teens who called him "Jack." He asked them where he was and what was going on around him, and learned that Aku had conquered the world and spread his influence across the universe, enslaving many planets while using Earth as his base of operations. Jack strongly exhibits the characteristics of a stoic hero. He is unfailingly kind and generous, and will always attempt to help those in need, as well as dispatching sage like wisdom to those he believes are in need of guidance. He often ends up sacrificing a chance to return to his own time in order to help someone else.

Blood (Spartan II Mitchell-027): Mitchell-027 was one of the many children who were chosen and abducted for the UNSC's Spartan II program. He trained with many of the Spartan candidates and was one of the few that survived when it came time to send them out on real missions. He earned the title BLOOD for relentless rampages on assault missions, leaving rooms filled with gore. He was also a skilled, precise, and patient when it came to wielding a SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper rifle, but got very irritated when his shots were off leaving his enemies to discover his presence. But the one thing that he enjoyed the most was using the standard Covenant explosive, the plasma grenade, and sticking it to grunts (Unggoy) and hearing their lamentation before it blew up, often using them on single targets instead of using them on multiple targets, just to get a reaction out of his enemies. His personality flaws being that he gets very obnoxious when retelling his experiences in battle with the Covenant and that he becomes extremely sadistic when going to war with his enemies. However, his strengths are that he is good to his allies, willing to give them heavy weapons like rocket launchers, Fuel Rod Cannons, and even the Spartan laser from behind his back for mere assault weapons.

Major Inau Aedadee: Inau Aedadee is a major of the Covenant. A skilled swordsman, stealthy and strong, He and his fellow Sangheili won many of battles and glassed several Earth Colonies on the path of their Great Journey. His most notable victory was the Invasion of the Spartan homeworld, Reach. The Major had taken many of the lives of Spartans, UNSC Marines, ODSTs, and civilians, leaving a portion of Reach completely glassed by the CCS-battle cruiser that he was stationed on. But his most infamous failure was at the Discovery of Halo where he suffered a severe injury at the hands of Spartan John-117, The Master Chief. He was brought back to a CSO-supercarrier where he was treated for his wounds, ordered to take time off till his wounds completely healed. One day the Flood was released on Halo and the medical officers on the ship began running experimental procedures on Inau, causing him physical pain and anguish. And through the pain, he vowed that One day that he would seek out his vengeance on the infamous Demon, to whom his brethren referred to Master Chief as. But what really brought the righteous fury out of him was the destruction of Halo. The atrocity made him more determined now than ever to take the demon's life and restore his own honor. He was later brought back to his CCS-battle cruiser when the time came for the discovery of the human's homeworld, Earth. Inau felt the time was coming to finally seek out his vengeance and claim the Demon's head as his trophy. Alas, it was not meant to be as the Master chief hurled himself out into deep space, carrying a bomb with him that was left by a fellow team of Sangheili. And as he watched the Master chief float towards the ship with the bomb in hand, Inau made ran for an Orbital Insertion pod gathering up weapons and ammo to take with him. The demon would then reactivate the bomb within the core of the ship as Major Aedadee would disperse from the ship before the tremendous explosion. He set a course for the Planet Earth so that he could follow the Master chief to heretics homeworld, but the course went awry as peace of the ship's debris bumped into the insertion pod while moving at top speed knocking Inau out and making the pod move at such high speeds that it ripped a hole into the space time continuum. Now Inau's pod will either drift out into space until he is discovered, find himself on another planet, or wind up on earth in a different time and universe. It all depends on who the character is roleplaying with and what genre and franchise they're from.

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