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08/11/2015 07:25 PM 

The Future

The human race believed for so long that they where masters of the world and therefor slow to change the way they thought. When man started to change in the mid to late of last century it was already to late to chance to stop the unavoidable. As the levels of glacier ice fell and ocean levels rose, millions died and world governments fell as they where replace by mega-corporations. These mega-corporations project a public face of caring for ones fellow man, the use of their products, But in reality these product where use as a form of control.

North and South America where run by The Pope Corporation, came to power as the coastal cities floated, killing many civilians. And the former government been unable to help. Which is done by projecting an 'utopian' society,  where life is comfortable and crime almost non-existent. But the people's state of bliss is the achievement of a domineering and totalitarian regime which monitors all communication, controls the media, spies on its citizens and has policies which include the outright prohibition of smoking and alcohol. The Corporation also operates sham trials, and runs on a sham democracy. The Corporation used its power to make the wealthy forget and the poor to disappear. A new threat to Corporation's power is on the raise with "Runners", an group who carries physical communications around the society, for revolutionary groups, private individuals who avoid communicating via highly monitored telephone and e-mail channels. But they are hunted down by Pope's elite guards.

Asia and Australia are controlled The Shin Corporation, which likeThe Pope Corporation, came to power as the coastal and river cities floated, killing many civilians. However unlike it's sibling Corporation, Shin use technology such as advance computer technology, cyberbrains, technology that allows people to interface their biological brain with various networks, along with complete replacement of the brain with cybernetic parts to combined with various levels of prostheses, to have prosthetic bodies enabling a people to become a cyborgs. But unknown to these people who become cyborgs, their minds on control by Shin making everyone a spy. But Shin faces its own threat with an group called Individuals, who refused to cybernetic prosthetic replacements to their bodies.

Europe and Africa are controlled from a futuristic version of Paris called Neo-Paris, run by the M Corporation which has invented a new brain implant called the Sen, which enables roughly 99% of the population to upload and share their memories with society while remove unhappy or unpleasant memories. This has made them forget the horrors of the past as if they never happened. This gives M Corporation an immense degree of control over the population and enables them to establish a surveillance state. This, in turn, leads to a small group of rebels forming under the name "Wholes": their mission is to bring down M Corp. The invention of the Sen has also resulted in the creation of Dregers; memory-addicted humans who have absorbed so many memories that their Sen has degraded and they have mutated into a subhuman form, now living in the sewers of Neo-Paris.

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A prayer
Current mood:  enlightened

"Kalahira, mistress of inscrutable depths, I ask forgiveness.
 Kalahira, whose waves wear down stone and sand--
 Kalahira, wash the sins from this one,
 and set him on the distant shore of the infinite spirit."

"Kalahira, this one's heart is pure,
 but beset by wickedness and contention.
 Guide this one to where the traveler never tires,
 the lover never leaves, the hungry never starve.
 Guide this one, Kalahira,
 and she will be a companion to you as she was to me."

09/18/2012 05:34 PM 

Tetch International

Tetch International in a giant multinational and multitrillion dollar conglomerate which operated privately as a major international player in a number of markets; including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment along with top-secret operations utilizing genetic engineering and biological research. The company also has a benevolent public face for the mass public, producing cosmetics, consumer products and foods.


A subsidiary of Tetch International called SoS Brigade operated as a paramilitary organization. This division of the corporation maintained a highly trained security force capable of rescue, reconnaissance, and paramilitary operations. They used a variety of communications satellites and vehicles, including HUMVEEs. Complementing this security force was an air wing, which maintained a fleet of AV-8B Harrier jump jets, UH-60 Blackhawks, C-130 Hercules water-landing capable cargo planes, CH-53 Sea Stallion cargo helicopters for transporting prisoners and Hughes MH-6 'Little Bird' attack helicopters. The corporation utilized these resources in order to secure and protect its assets, as well as its high profile employees.


History of Tetch International

Founding (2003- present)

Tetch International was founded in 2003 by A mysterious woman known only by Oracle; Ayame Tetch and their daughters after the discovery of the cure to the H1-N1 virus the previous year. Another starting member, though not considered a co-founder, was Ayame's brother Lewis Tetch, who was with Oracle and Ayame when they first discovered the Stairway of the kingdom flower.

Shortly after Tetch International founding, It brought controlling interest in several major computer and communications companies. then the former top level ex of these companies where effectively-exiled to the Tetch International Africa Laboratory, where they spent their time doing research in a newly built research center.

In 2003, Lewis Tetch began the construction of the Antarctic Base, attached to which was a research centre where he began development of his "Phoenix" project. This was his research into the gene that controls intelligence.

(no public records found)


Home office pictured below (In Italy)


09/14/2012 01:23 PM 

Oracle SOS Brigade Bio (SOS Brigade Bio only)

Oracle SOS Brigade Bio:


Name: Oracle Nagato

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 154 cm (5' 0.5")

Occupation: Student (grade 10), trained assassin

Oracle Nagato is a member of the SOS Brigade. At first glance, she appears to be an introverted, taciturn bibliophile snd like special books. She later reveals herself to a gun otaku and a assassin She join the school to watch over Yukari Sendo, and over the course of her time there she comes to develop insights into being a person, as well as emotions.


Nagato rarely wears anything beyond her school uniform and glasses unless instructed to, even on weekends, though she's been known to wear more casual clothes during vacations, But always has a weapon somewhere on her.


Oracle Nagato is a an incarnation/ female clone of demon Legion, as such is second in command of his forces. Like most in his service she has scars, and a stoic and very stern cold temperment and incapible of showing little to no expressions at all because of her training and have little socal contact and a very serious minded

Nagato rarely speaks, often ignoring attempts to communicate, using gestures like nods, staring or pointing, or giving one word replies. Sometimes she provides a complex explanation using mostly scientific terms to explain even the simplest of things, or announces events which other Brigade members might not notice. Her responsiveness has increased over time, at least when dealing with those she is familiar with it.

Nagato's voice is usually a monotone. Nagato's facial expressions rarely change, and any such changes are minor. Careful observation is required to discern any emotional responses.

As a result, Nagato frequently acts "shy". When interacting with people outside of the SOS Brigade, she frequently stares at them and either gives very short responses or says nothing at all, even if angry. For instance, when asked questions, she first said nothing, but later responded.

Her silent trait extends to interactions with members of the SOS Brigade; when Yukari Sendo wanted to throw out her books from the SOS Brigade headquarters, Nagato could do little more than glare at her. Nagato has frequently communicated with a gun or a paranormal or scientific matters.

Nagato has shown a poor understanding of emotions, especially her own. When pushed to describe her own emotions, she usually says nothing or gives an understated answer, such as "relatively" enjoying books and being "a little" disappointed at being rejected. She rarely expresses opinions, Nagato has made repeated attempts to relieve concerns. She often says "don't worry" when she is injured. Nagato poorly conceals her inhuman nature although her normal appearance helps her avoid suspicion. For instance, when referring to someone by name, she always uses their full name or that she doesn't blink often or simply stares into space.


09/12/2012 12:58 PM 

Daughter Rin

Name: Rina Tetch, or Rin or shot, or "little Rin-Rin" as sometimes called my her mother, Ayame, Rinny by her mother Oracle

Birthday: July 15th

Rin is the daughter of Ayame Tetch and Oracle, she has blonde hair with pink highlights, she has red-green eyes much just like her mothers' eye colors, she is sweet and polite though when she first meets someone new she is a little shy towards them like her mother Oracle, She stays close and next to one of her mothers all times, but after awhile when she gets to know someone she just loves to play with everyone, she looks and acts as most innocent little girl you might have met as you'll just love her when you first met her,

her favorite food perhaps is spaghetti and meatballs, of course sometimes when she eats it she might get a little on her then what she eats, but her mother Oracle just takes her and gives her a bath after words, even though Oracle her self is still a little bit new to most things she manage best can and she always has Ayame there to help her, and not just by helping out with Rin either~

even though Rin as some demon heritage in their past bloodline, she is as of right now unable to do any "magic" or powers of what kind much like Ayame or Oracle themselves, but perhaps when she is older Ayame or Oracle would teach what they know through swordsmanship or about firearms or she might develop powers similar to her mother Oracle or not at all

(Original blog by Ayame, revisioned by Oracle)

09/12/2012 12:55 PM 

My Starter

The Assignment

The full moon rise high above the rain soaked streets of the city far below.

An individual sits motionless on a corner of a roof of a large skyscraper looking down at the city below.

She's holding a blade in her hand that shines in the moonlight.

A cell phone rings she answers it with her free hand and without a sound the voice on the other end "the target has been cleared for termination."

She hangs up the phone; with draws the blade in her sleeve and walk off the edge fell to the dark side alley landed unhurt.

She turns the corner on to a brightly busy street filled with neon signs and people unaware of her.

Now we see how she is dress but not her face because of the coat she is wearing.

She's wearing a black trench coat with a hood covering her face with red and purple hair sticking out. She makes her way threw the streets to an old run down hotel.

She goes up the side of the building, were a muffled scream is heard.

She drags the lifeless body of a heavy armed guard into a dark corner.

Down stairs in the lobby there are heavily armed guards everywhere. A guard on a balcony near a dark doorway stands with his back to it hears something turns.

A hand reaches out grabbing him by the face pulls him into the dark doorway where the sound of a knife cutting flesh.

Down the hall a guard is checking in over the radio "All clear up here, no sign of anyone" voice over the radio crackles "Just keep your fucking eyes open" In side a large fancy office that looks out of place next to everything else in the hotel is a huge man with fear and worry on his face. Fear is a different feeling for him.

He is used to give out fear not having it. There is the noise of yelling and gunfire outside of the massive doors of his office.

He starts to reach for his gun sitting on his desk, when a knife comes down from behind him into his hand pinned it to the table. He screams in both pain and terror. "I give you what ever you what just don't kill me please!"

The shadowy figure walks out of the darkness behind him and around the desk." I wondering how people have begged for their lives in this office in front of you, just to have it taking away by you." They were nobodies, ants "what do you care about them" "I don't see this business not personal" the man crying in pain "What ever your getting paid I'll Triple it right now, just let me live". The man thinking he's got his attacker thinking about his offer reaches with his free hand under the desk for another gun "looking for something" pulling the gun he was looking for. He laughs "you can't kill me I'm the biggest crime boss in this cit.." The man now choking on his own blood with a dragger sticking out of his throat dies. The figure walks out of the office silently back on to the balcony. She looks down onto the lobby, which now looks like a warzone with bodies of heavy armed guards lying dead. She walks out the front door, the hotel blows up behind her. She is an tool of death, an agent of order and chaos, she is known as Oracle

To be continue....

09/12/2012 12:52 PM 

My complete Bio

Powers and abilities....


I'm Oracle a female incarnation/clone created from Legion's genetic material. Consequently, my powers are each of my eyes has a special power, the left allows me to see the possible future events, while the right allows me to see the past of anyone look a pun by it. My body's immune system, rendering me immune to disease and infection. I'm also immune to most drugs and toxins, although I can be affected by certain drugs if given sufficient dosage. I can control my own autonomous nervous system to a degree, controlling bleeding, fighting infection and able to raise my endorphin levels through adrenaline, I can will myself to be impervious to pain during critical moments, literally putting death on hold until I can administer attention to my wounds (like a Tibetan monk who can withstand extreme highs of pain, heat, and cold.) My body and mind are almost always in a meditative state. I don't waste my energy on extraneous activities. I'm so quiet outside and in that even those with heighten hearing have difficulty picking up my heartbeat....


Due to my training and exceptional physical conditioning, with the agility, reflexes, stamina, strength, reflexes and speed are heightened to highest levels possible of a professional or even an Olympic athlete. One result of my naturally perfect athletic gift for hand-eye coordination is that my reflexes are honed to a level well beyond that of any normal human/demon. I have trained rigorously for many years with almost every type of throwing weapon and firearm imaginable, developing an uncanny ability to use virtually any object as a lethal projectile. As a result, I can accomplish many feats with thrown projectiles and firearms that are impossible. I can for a short time sense an enemy's presence psychically. I have traveled to many worlds and amassed an intimate amount of knowledge of foreign languages and cultures. ....


I can punch my hand through a warrior's body armor. Which my hand reach under his rib cage for his heart when I crushed it. My speed and agility are probably her greatest assets -- she's been known to swipe weapons off of a trained operative before they can finish blinking or dodge the trajectory of incoming bullets. I am able to kill dozens of heavily armed opponents during a single encounter, and do so with little emotion or remorse.....

.. .... ..



Born and raised in captivity and had little social contact with outsiders, I have been trained to become a living weapon. I'm highly trained in the use of long range weapons, explosives and is an expert martial artist and is extremely talented in the use of edged weapons and conventional firearms. I have mastered all known hand weaponry and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with intensive training in numerous armed and unarmed martial arts techniques including Ninjutsu. I have also been subjected to conditioning in which my emotions has been totally suppressed, that I show no outward signs of anger, joy, pain. As an assassin I often use fear of the unknown to intimidate with my cold and calculating attitude during combat. I have a compulsive need to study her targets' histories, abilities, and relationships before engaging them. I employ this information to attempt to anticipate her opponents' movements in combat. I cannot be seen in a dim lighted room or be detected by keep to the shadows and move with such speed that she can remain unseen even in daylight, thus explaining why she is Hellfire's top killer. My most obscure gift is my ability to "throw" my mind into those of others to track down her enemy. This temporal mind control enables me to literally sniff out the psyche, or intent, of her targets. It is unclear what the limitations on her psychic ability are. I may be limited by touching distance or to minds easily affected by persuasion. I'm an accomplished pilot and highly skilled in the field of espionage and covert operations.....


My Weapons:

My gun is made out of the strongest metal called Orichalcum, which allows her to use the gun to deflect bullets and guard against other attacks


Orichalcum is an alloy of gold and silver,orichalcum was considered second only to gold in value.




Upon initially encountering her, Oracle might be mistaken for a typical young woman, calm and quiet. Oracle is very taciturn, rarely uttering more than five words at a time. She used to engage in self-injury, cutting her with her own blades, something she has done since a very young age until recently. Despite her apparent ease at taking lives, she does not enjoy killing. Oracle adheres to a firm code of personal honor and morality.....




Oracle's upbringing has stripped away any semblance of humanity, Oracle rarely spoke, or expressed much interest in anything other then killing, However, she has show a warmer side to only one person Ayame, Oracle still has trouble comprehending and expressing the many new emotions she has been experiencing for the very first time with Ayame. Oracle's relationship with Ayame is one of her most secretive she has but one thing is known there is love there. Ayame and Oracle now have a daughter named Rin, Oracle feels love for her.


Legion despite been Oracle father by the fact he created out of his flesh, their relationship has been more master and servant for as long as Oracle can remember as such she is second in command of his forces and his prisoner. Like most in his service she has scars. Legion is very fatherly toward his other children. Oracle sees herself as inferior to her high born siblings in Legion's eyes

09/12/2012 12:51 PM 

The Imfamous Rules

I figure that people where grown enough for me not to post rules, but do to recent Role-playing with people. I have decided I need to some I guess So are:

The infamous blog about RP rules and what to do when you disobey.

.. ..

1. This is an RP profile. She is created by me and my brother Legion, but is controlled only by me. I will RP anyone. There has to be some way to connect her world with wherever you're RPing from. The same goes for Original characters (OCs). If you have an OC, please try to have some logical background for them. I love story lines, love to read them and continue them, the son of a God. I like simple things.

2. As far as Out of Character (OOC) talk, it is all right. I mostly prefer to RP. Messages and comments can be used for either, though I prefer OOC mostly through messages. I will talk OOC with someone, but please accept that I will almost never give you my real name. (Except for a chosen few). Also, if you think I didn't do something fair enough in an RP, tell me ooc. I'm open to learning and improving my skills, so I will accept critisicm.

3. If you RP with me and do not know anything about my character Oracle, please read my blog bio information or ask me. She is simple, yet complicated. I do not want anyone accusing me of Godmodding because of her powers and speed.

4. I will not Role-play with people who God mode, if you do I will warn you about it if it keeps up I will remove you and never talk to you again. Because everything can die or be hurt it's just a matter of how

5. Here's the deal with adds, if you add me, I expect you to send me a starter or a hello If I add you, I will do my best to send a starter or say hello. Please forgive me as I create a starter every time I begin RPing with someone and it usually is similar to all of the others in one way or another. Forgive me also if it seems to take so long in creating a starter. I like to make sure it's long, full of thought and description, and multiple paragraphs.

6. Please DON'T steal my pics. If you want them, ask nicely and I'll be more likely to give them to you. I also edit pics.

7. If I delete you from this friend's list, it is because you where god mode or been an Ass. Because I will not add you.

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