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Rules & Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: As you very smart people may already know. I am not the lovely girl in the pictures. She is merely used as the face for my character. 'Tis all roleplay entertainment purposes.

Now, time for the dreaded rules. I shall attempt to keep them as simple as possible and to the point. I am sure you darlings would know most of these rules by heart already if you've been role playing for a while.

I. This one has to be number one, since it's the most important; no out of character drama. Role play drama is highly acceptable because it makes everything interesting but please, if you cannot comprehend the difference between role play and real life do not add me or even bother to speak to me. All you'll do is waste your time because when you begin to stress me out you'll be off my list in a matter of seconds.

II. Okay, now that that is clear (I hope) let us move to rule number two: you added me, which means I am sure you've seen my headline, which clearly states 18+ Novella - I'm sure I do not have to go much into the mature content because I'm sure we're all intelligent human beings here and we know what that means. As for the Novella part? I do tend to write A LOT - especially if I'm feeling inspired by the SL and your comment. I take time to write my comments and I try to give everyone my very best; and I do await the same from you. I never half-ass people and I do not like to be half-assed either. Take your time, don't rush to reply to me... I'm a very patient girl. I rather wait for a while for your reply, then receive it quickly and it's crap.

III. While on this note - PLEASE for the love of goth, check your grammar: SPELL CHECK. If it's not English, and I cannot understand what in the world you're trying to tell me, there is no possible way of me replying to you. Do you see the problem there? I'm not the best speller in the world, but please make it understandable enough for me to reply. Thanks.

IV. Godmode, automode. Whatever you wanna call it, do NOT do it. Unless it's something small and insignificant otherwise I'm capable of moving my own character. Plzkthnx.

V. Oh, and before I forget, I must mention this - love interests? First of all, I'd like to say that although this character is multi-storyline; she already has a love interest, and she doesn't need another one. So- what I'm trying to say here is, that Karina will NOT be jumping in the sack with you. I expect you to cowboy-up and deal with it. I'm actually interested in having true genuine SL's. I'm sure your brain's can come up with something interesting for a SL that doesn't involve the characters' hooking up.

VI. This rule I usually don't follow it but at times I do, so I might as well put it up. If you are the one who added me, you send the starter my way. If I added you then vice versa. Though like I said, I barely follow this rule. I sometimes have my creative juices flowing and I end up sending the starter whether you added me or I added you first. Just message me, discuss a SL (I expect you to have some sort of idea in that head of yours, being that you added me.) Brainstorm with me. I'm here to roleplay - not to look pretty on your friends list.

VII. I speak on journals A LOT - if this bothers you, then feel free to delete me. As for butting into journals that have nothing to do with you? That's really rude. I am aware that journals are public, but if they're not directed to you - or if they're placed in a scenario and location that is entirely impossible for your character to be present at - it makes NO sense whatsoever for you to comment about what's going on within them. My word of advice to you? Mind your business. That's the polite thing to do.

VIII. And last but not least; my things are MY things, you are not to steal them or use them without my permission. That highly upsets me when it happens. It's rude. I will castrate you. ♥

**Update: Make sure to read the blog titled "Welcome to Diablo" the link to it is on my page under "Navigation" and the link name is "More" This blog consists of banners that I've created with pictures, brief bio's (for some characters) and brief descriptions of NPC's (non-playable characters) that I will constantly refer to within RP. They were all created from my mind and therefore they belong to me. These character's consists of Karina's family and friends, both in the carnival life and in the normal life back home in New Orleans. You can mention them as well in our SL's and you can god-mode them if you please; as long as it's not something major... like dying and things along those lines... just make sure to run any drastic idea for these characters by me first and we can work something out. Please check this blog because otherwise you will not know who is who if I mention them in our SL. This will GREATLY help you. While on this note; if any of my NPC's happen to be the same playby that you are using, do not panic. That will not make an effect in our story line or any connection that we establish.

-- Okay, I'm sure I covered the basics. If I'm missing something, I'm sure you all know the typical rules if you've been around long enough, as stated above. Read them and please abide by them. Merci.

xoxo K && The Puppeteer.

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