03/15/2012 04:43 PM 

Read sign or get deleted

New set of rules starting NOW.

1. My profiles are to RP on not to just sit around. If you want to discuss storylines then that's what messages are fucking for. If you want to roleplay then that's what fucking COMMENTS are for. Do not sit there and expect me to roleplay in status comments because DUH that is not how I roleplay. I will NOT and I repeat WILL NOT Roleplay in status comments. Status's are how I express what my character feels and is doing. That doesn't mean fucking roleplay in them. There's a reason why there's a damn comment box so I suggest you use it.

2. In order for stuff to HAPPEN, it MUST be roleplayed out. It can't just be this is what's going to happen and poof it's done and over with. I will not allow it, it will be done the correct way. If not there's no damn point in even being here if roleplay isn't done the correct way. None of my profiles will be thrown into anything that is not roleplayed out. this shit is going back to the way it use to be dont like it then i suggest you delete yourselves off my profiles.

3. I will not take the fall for anyone else anymore, seems i've been doing that a lot lately and it's basically ruined roleplay for me. I'm tired of getting blamed for shit that I dont bring up but someone else does and I actually throw it out there because no one is willing to step up and face anyone when they have a problem.

4. Last but not least I will not Tolerate one liners. So do not test me with the one liners you will be instantly deleted. This goes for ALL of my profiles. I'm a writer and I appreciate it that if you want to rp with me then you step your damn game up and fucking write and not be boring.. think thats' about all Im gonna say for now. Dont like this shit then get the hell away from me, your not worth my time.

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