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Olivia Montgomery was born and raised in Rosewater, Mass. to Richard and Carla Montgomery. Being an only child, many believed that Olivia's parents spoiled her with whatever she wanted. After all, it was rare to see the Red Head in the same outfit twice and she always looked her best. Little did anyone know that Spoiled was not the word she would have used to describe her home life. With both of her parents being important members of the community, they prided themselves on being the perfect family. Sure, they bought her plenty of things, but they wasted no time in telling her what clothes she could wear and how she could do her hair and makeup. After all, they had a reputation to uphold. Especially when her father became Mayor of the small town. Olivia acted like the perfect daughter. She followed her parents orders, did her homework, joined the cheerleading squad. Everything she was supposed to do. 

Olivia wanted out of the town. It was one of her biggest secrets. As soon as she graduated, she would pack her bags and leave town, never to look back. All she had to do was get through these last two years of high school. How hard could it be...? Little did she know that after a night out with a friend and a walk in the woods, nothing would ever be the same. 

The Seal to hell had been broken. Cracked just enough for Katia to slither her way up and out of hell for the first time in centuries. She had no idea where she was or who broke the seal, but she did know that she needed a body and like magic, one appeared. Olivia stumbled through the woods without a clue in the world what was in store for her. Luring her in deeper, Katia spoke to her, her true form hiding in the shadows. Pleading for help, Olivia came closer.  That's when Katia struck. Reaching out, she grabbed Olivia and pulled her into the darkness. Wasting no time, she pressed her lips to hers. The moment their lips locked Katia could taste Olivia's soul. Sweet. Innocent. Lost. She almost felt bad for taking her life. Almost. With just a breath left, she let the girl's body fall to the ground. Moving down, she leaned over the red head, letting her stiff fingers brush the girls hair away from her face. Katia kissed her again, inhaling what was left of her soul. With the girls lifeless body underneath her, Katia's form turned into black smoke and entered Olivia's body.  

Olivia Montgomery died on October 31st, 2018 at 12:47am. Her body now host to Katia who for the last month  has taken over her life.  Katia doesn't know who broke the Seal to hell, though she does know that only a witch could have done it. The reasoning is a mystery, but she does know one thing. She has plans for the small town. Things are going exactly as planned and soon, The End will begin.

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