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Taking Care of Business

Elvis just finished the final show of his latest Vegas stint, which meant the wives of the group were in attendance, including Priscilla. Elvis implemented a rule in which the guy’s wives could only come to opening and closing nights because the guys were getting too distracted, this rule included his own wife.

Elvis and Priscilla were on the plane back to Memphis, it was nearing Christmas and they’d been talking about gifts to get everyone. Lisa, Dodger, the guys, anyone they could think of. Priscilla had her head on his shoulder. “You’re really stumped on the guys aren’t you?” Everything she’d suggested he didn’t like.

"I know what I want to get them. I want them all to have jewelry but the things they have in stores nowadays, EVERYONE has. That's what's frustrating me." He was staring intently out the window, his index finger pressed to his lips in deep concentration. "It's gonna come to me, I know it will. But it's gotta be unique. These guys aren't just any guys and I want it to show."

Priscilla nodded. “Alright. I get it.” Priscilla sat up, leaning into her bag and pulling out a sketch book. “What’s that phrase you’ve been using? Taking care of business?” Priscilla sat in thought. “What if you did something with that? I could work on it.” She shrugged her shoulders, starting to sketch little random designs.

“In a flash.” He added. "The phrase is too long to put on anything, you see. Gotta come up with some sort of...what are those things?" He thought for a moment and snapped his finger. "Acronyms?" He finally tore his gaze away from the window long enough to notice what she was doing. "What's going on in that head of yours? Whatcha got for me?"

“What about….TCB?” She lifted her head away from her sketching to look at him. “Just the first letter of each word?” Priscilla smiled that Elvis looked intrigued. “I don’t think it should just be the letters though. You need a symbol to tie it together.”

"That's it! TCB...Has a good ring to it, doncha think?" He grinned. "A something in between." Fingertips pressed to his chin as his eyes diverted to the window again. "Dark clouds...storm's comin." He muttered.

“Okay. A symbol…” Priscilla muttered quietly, after he agreed with the acronym. Priscilla had been focused on her sketch book until she heard him talking. “Hmm?” She asked before looking his way, and out the window as she noticed the storm herself. “Yeah. It looks like it might get ugly.” Just as she said her own reply, a strike of lightning could be seen through the clouds. He watched the lightning crack and whistled through his teeth. "We better get home quick."

“That’s it…!” she had some sort of ‘ah-ha’ moment, turning back to her sketch book and she quickly went to work. She sketched out a lightning bolt, placing the T on the left side, the C on top and the B on the right side. “Elvis! What about this?” She shoved the sketch book at him, sounding excited like she had cracked some sort of code.

Just as he felt the book shoved into his gut, "Hey! Watch it, Toughie!" He teased with a chuckle before looking down at the page. He traced the design with his fingertips. 

"Looks like we're going to Lowell Hays, baby!" He beamed and leaned forward, taking her face in his hand before pressing a kiss to her lips. "I love that mind of yours." 

Priscilla’s eyes stayed on him as he studied the design. “Really?!” Priscilla was just as excited that she had worked out something for him. “You really like it?” She questioned. Priscilla beamed proudly just before her lips met his. “I’m so glad, baby.”

He was so excited, he nearly jumped up to tell the guys, but he knew it wouldn’t be a surprise. Elvis was always one for surprises.

That very night as soon as they landed, Elvis took Priscilla with him, sketchbook and all to Lowell Hays’ front door. Not even paying attention to the time and the fact that it was nearing 3am, Lowell still gladly answered the door and brought them inside. The best part? He got to work on the mold for the design right away.

Elvis was the first to test out the design with a brand-new ring that nearly engulfed his whole finger the way he liked.


09/09/2022 09:17 PM 

I Had a Dream - FT. /1800583

I Had A Dream
ft. /1800583
”I had a dream…and it’s probably the most realistic dream I’ve had in a while.”

”I remember it clearly. The night of April 14, 1865. I felt inclined to shoot that man where he stood, John Wilkes Booth. Little did I know, I’d be saving the life of The President of the United States.”

Richard Nixon, the current President of the United States was craned over his desk, listening intently. “That’s an interesting story, Mr. Presley. What a shame it isn’t a fact.”

”It might not be, President Nixon..but-“

”Call me, D*ck.” He insisted.

”Mhm.” Elvis continued, adjusting so that he was leaning in closer to the desk. “Listen, sir. I think I would be an asset in your circle of protection.”

D*ck let out a chuckle and leaned back, retrieving a paper from inside his desk drawer, placing it on his desk. “I received your letter before your arrival and had a chance to read it over. You want to be a federal agent, you say?” Elvis nodded. “I do, sir. I’m willing to offer any service I can to help my country.” Nixon sat back in his chair tenting his fingers over his mouth as he pondered his next reply. “Well, Mr. Presley—” “Elvis.” He requested with a nod. “Elvis.” Nixon parroted. “I don’t know about becoming a federal agent, but what if I told you that your dream wasn’t far off from reality after all? How do you feel about becoming part of the Witness Protection Agency? We have access to the newest technology that let us extract DNA from Lincoln himself. Let’s just say Area 51 is more than just classification for aliens, but no one knows I told you that.”

07/29/2022 12:41 PM 

Touch Football and a Broken Pinky

OCTOBER 16, 1960

🎸 The Fascinating Story Of Elvis' NFL Fandom - South Florida Tribune

Every single day, you could always expect a flood of people within the gates of Graceland. Whether it was folks that were known to be frequent visitors, even fans who waited eagerly at the gate for even a glimpse of Elvis playing on the grounds, Elvis always thoroughly enjoyed the company. With the company, food was always prepared from the kitchen at every hour, the golf carts and go-karts were brought out and the freshly cut grass was mauled by the wheels at high-speed and touch football. Lots of touch football. 

"Jerry, Red, Joe! Let's play some ball!" 

Elvis was full of energy. The house grounds were teeming with laughter and conversation from every angle. He was fully invested in a game of touch football with the guys that they all got just a little too competitive, especially him. The ball flew through the air after a solid pass from Jerry Schilling, over the fence and hitting the ground so it ended up startling the chickens that Gladys and Dodger just worked real hard in shooing out of the house. Elvis ran to the endge of the fence and hopped over it with ease as if it were a track hurdle. 

"Dodger!" He called from across the yard, holding out his arms. His grandmother picked up the ball which caused a curious chicken to squawk loudly and scurry away just before she threw it with such a strong force, it even caught Elvis a little off guard when he caught it. [In a proud way, of course]

The boys were closer than anticipated and they caught him from behind and it took nearly all three to get him to the ground to take the ball away.

"Well, God damn..." He hollered from beneath the dog pile. The boys instantly got to their feet, helping Elvis up.  "You guys were just itching to gang up on me, weren't ya?" He let out a booming laugh as he brushed himself off.

"Uh, E?" Joe was hesitant. "Look at your finger."
Elvis looked down and saw his pinky on his right hand bent back in a way it had no business being bent.

"Well God damn..." He said again, this time laughing.
What a way to end the game. 

[‘At first I didn’t notice it – it didn’t hurt me at all – until one of the fellows told me the little finger was bent all the way over the other fingers’. No, it won’t affect my strumming a guitar.

I don’t know how long I’ll have to wear the cast – just a few days, I think’. - Elvis Presley]


*Elvis spends one night in Hospital, declaring ‘I don’t have any business in a Hospital’ and checking out the following morning. Elvis said, ‘I don’t mind hospitals – this one is really fine – but I don’t have any business here. Things like this happen every day. I’m ready to get out of here’. To prove his point he accommodated a student nurse by signing his autograph with his right hand – the one on which the little finger was broken.*

07/09/2022 09:34 PM 

"He actually talked to me" ft. /1765878

“Mr. Presley!” A single flash bulb sparked a dozen more like a domino effect. Hands raised in hopes to be called on, the press burning to ask as many questions as the brief conference would let them.


“Mr. Presley!” The same voice echoed, this time a suited man stood, putting a face to the voice. “Do you believe Rock n Roll is coming to an end? There’s word that the new President doesn’t believe it’s doing good for the American people! He’s threatening to put an end to all Rock n Roll music, yours being at the forefront…”


All Elvis could do was let out a chuckle in response, a laugh even that grew louder while others at his table joined in. After a minute, he leaned into the microphone. 


“And who the hell told you that? Your colleagues? I know for a fact, that’s a lie.”


A hush fell over the room as Elvis continued his statement. 


“I know it’s a damn lie for the fact…he actually talked to me at his charity event a while back. We’re good friends.” 


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Losing Mama - Drabble

She was there, then gone. 

He warned her not to drink so Goddamn much.

They sent him away…and it killed her.

Still in basic training when he got the call.

“Your Mama has passed, son.”
Vernon’s voice shaking on the line. 

“Daddy, that’s not funny.” 

Elvis warned, the breath nearly knocked out of him.

“The Colonel is getting you on the first trip home to Graceland.”

The cruel joke kept on. 

Elvis dropped the phone and shuffled back against the wall, head in his knees.
He sobbed uncontrollably all through the night.

Muffled sobs threatened on the train ride home.

As soon as he crossed the threshold of Graceland, he broke down again.

It didn’t feel like home anymore. Not after losing Mama. 


07/07/2022 04:24 PM 

Meeting The Kennedys - Reply [1]

Elvis arrived with his entourage by invitation to the charity event when he had the Colonel inquire about meeting President Kennedy. The world seemed to shift even within months of The President’s Inauguration, but Elvis was one to not be easily swayed. He personally knew what it was like to have an extensive amount on his plate to deal with. He wanted to travel internationally and the Colonel would go on and on about not having enough security. Having arrived at the semi-private charity event, he’d realized that even The Kennedys could freely work a room with security being just out of ear-shot.  He waved Jerry Schilling and his associates away, even though they voiced concerns. “I’m fine.” He assured them, rather annoyed at the fact there was even an argument. 


Removing his shades, he entered with little to no attention at first. In fact, he wasn’t approached until within a few feet from Kennedy himself. 


“Elvis Presley! It’s great to meet you.” The individual in the suit chided. Elvis smiled his famous crooked smile and laid on his usual charm. “Thank you, thank you.” His eyes darted over the shoulder of his greeter dressed in a charcoal gray suit and kept watch as The President continued working his way past the crowds that were gathered in small circles within one another. He extended a hand and carried on casual conversation in an attempt to not seem rude. He would casually turn his attention back to his initial conversation, soon others joined in around them. Men in suits, accompanied by their wives dressed to a T in high society fashion, even Elvis felt a little awkward now. 


“If you’ll excuse me…”

Elvis pardoned himself from the circle and scanned the room for The President again, first laying eyes on Jackie Kennedy, his wife. Knowing he wouldn’t be far from her, Elvis started to make his way towards her, only to catch sight of Mr. Kennedy once again.

“Sir, it’s an honor.”

Elvis approached from behind and gave a quick tap on the shoulder. “I’ve been wanting to meet you since you were first sworn into office. I’m Elvis Presley.” 


07/06/2022 07:46 PM 

A Trip to the Hardware Store

"Elvis, your birthday is comin' up baby. Your daddy and I were thinking you can choose your gift. Get your shoes on and we'll go down to the hardware store."


Elvis beamed excitedly like any child would and got ready so fast, he was at the door before Gladys could say another word, Vernon too. They exchanged conversation all the way through their commute as Elvis went on and on about more adventures of Captain Marvel Jr. and the Rock of Eternity.

Tupelo Hardware Store


Elvis scoured the shelves as high and low as eleven year old tip-toes could reach. He'd eyed a bicycle the moment they walked through the door but decided to keep looking in case something else caught his attention. At the end of his search, he was still pretty keen on the bicycle. His mother and father both agreed that they'd saved enough money for that bicycle and Elvis felt proud walking with it up to the counter for the salesman to ring up. 


At last minute, before the salesman pushed the SALE button on the cash register, Elvis saw something just above the man's head, hanging on display. "A guitar!" He exclaimed. "Mama, I've made my decision. Can I have the guitar instead, please?"


Gladys and Vernon exchanged glances, "But Elvis, you were so excited about the bicycle. Don't you want it so you can get around faster with the neighborhood kids?"


"Oh Mama, I just gotta have the guitar, please? Maybe I can just wish for some longer legs!" They all shared a laugh, even the salesman behind the counter as he plucked the guitar from it's resting place. "A fine choice, young man." He nodded, setting the guitar on the counter so Elvis could get a better look. Vernon focused on the asking price. "Same as the guitar." The man confirmed. It was no question, seeing the look on Elvis' face as he picked up the guitar and held it for the first time, plucking the strings with no real rhythm. 


"Now Elvis, you promise me that if we get you this guitar, you're gonna practice and not just let it sit. Maybe even learn to play real good for the folks at church." 


"I promise, Mama." He said without missing a beat. He meant it too. Elvis knew just the place to practice. A place he would often go with the neighbor kids. Shakerag was where he'd first heard the sound of the Blues on guitar, and he was determined to play it.


Only if Mama knew exactly where he'd gone all those times to listen to the music, she'd have his hide.


But, there he was. Walking out of that hardware store with his parents, a proud owner of his first guitar. Little did anyone know the stories it would tell.



07/04/2022 01:09 PM 

I'll Fly Away - Drabble


I'll fly away, oh Glory

I'll fly away


The familiar hymn rang in his ears, drowning out the sound of fireworks above his head as he was ushered into the back of a police car. 


The response was incredible, the feeling…irreplaceable. 


It was like a surge of electricity, a flash of lightning. A feeling he wanted to experience over and over again. 


Sweat beaded his forehead. The crowd screaming, practically clawing at the chance to ambush the vehicle from all sides.


His mama and daddy in the distance, rolling away in a second police escort. 


Fingers drummed across the back of his seat, his head lulled to catch a glimpse out of the back windshield, only mere seconds before his eyes closed again. 


"I'll fly away…I'll fly away…" He whispered. 



07/03/2022 10:52 PM 

Elvis Meets The Kennedys - Starter

January 20, 1961


It was no surprise to anyone that Elvis would be sitting in front of several TVs tuned in to several stations. Each one had different angles, covering the newest source of news. He stood, crossing over in front of the glass coffee table to turn the volume knob up on one.


"The United States newest president is being sworn in today amidst economic distress…"


"Well, I'll be damned…" Elvis shook his head, not in disbelief, but in a proud manner. "John F Kennedy. He's what the world needs right now."


Jerry Schilling and two other members of Elvis' group walked in at the tail end of his comment. "E.P. The Colonel wants to see you. Says he's got a new script for a movie he wants you to look over."


"I ain't focusing on no damn movie. Today is one of the biggest days in American history!"


He stepped back and pointed at the television. 


"That man is gonna change things, and I want to meet him."


"E, you know The Colonel isn't going to be happy about it."


"I know. Because of "security"." He made quotations in the air with his fingers towards the group. "I don't care what The Colonel says, he can arrange the meeting….Or I can do it myself."


Elvis and The Colonel 


"What do you mean you're not going to read over the script? It's a fantastic script! Hawaii, singing and GIRLS!" He started imitating a poor hula girl performance. 


"Admiral, are you trying to sell me the way you sell merchandise to an audience?"


"I'm a promoter, it's what I do! Remember, Snowman is a showman, my boy!"


Elvis shook his head once and tossed the script down on the table. "John F. Kennedy was sworn into office today as the President of the United States."


The Colonel puffed on his cigar and sat back. "Ah, yes. The young war hero with an even younger face. What about him?"


"Admiral, I believe he can change things. He's someone that I want to meet."


"Oh…I see. You want to meet the President of the United States and take time away from those fans that pay good money to see an Elvis picture."


Elvis just stared in disbelief. "It's not like I'm asking to move into the White House."


"No….but!" He extracted his cigar between his fingers and pointed it in Elvis' direction. "Could you imagine the numbers skyrocketing if there was word that Elvis Presley ran for President?" He laughed.


"All I'm asking for is a few days. Not right now, but soon. Give The Kennedys time to settle before visitors. Fly out, meet them, come back and focus on the script and filming."


"If you want to risk financial and fan obligation to venture off a temporary idea in your head, then by all means…"


"It will be fine. You will see."


Elvis walked away. The conversation seemed to drain him, making him reconsider several times. 


But, like any other decision. Once Elvis was decided, that was that. 


Elvis was going to meet The Kennedys.



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