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10/29/2021 12:09 PM 

Death of the Devil: FT: π•·π–šπ–ˆπ–Žπ–‹π–Šπ–—

Death of the Devil: Part One
Phoenix Down Resources /1234567
Chaos is an angel that
fell in love with a demon.
-Christopher Poindexter


heavy haze slowly lifted as lids blinked away the weariness of her sleep. As brown hues peeked out, she realized she was back in Lucifers' room. Her memory was fuzzy but she knew something had happened, she could feel it deep down. Her head shifted and chocolate orbs set on Lucifer sitting beside her bed. Alana shifted her arm out to reach out to him, intertwining her pale digits with his own. “Lucifer…” She managed, still somewhat weak from the ordeal. 


"We hit a little snag, but the bait has been set." For a moment silence fell over the room, a sly grin creeping across the face of the man being reported to.


"The moment he leaves this world, we make our move. Everything has to be timed perfectly or decades of work will fall apart. Don’t screw it up." The man watched as the demons before him nodded. "Understood…"


    Lucifers gaze was mixed with both worry and anger, wanting nothing more than to go and slaughter every last demon that tried to get their hands on her, make them suffer the way she had. It was an unwelcome feeling for him and it showed on his face. He knelt on the floor next to the bed and squeezed her hand as she wrapped her fingers around it. "I thought I lost you."

    Alana knew something was wrong, feeling that dread deep inside her, and she could see it written clear as day all over his face. She weakly squeezed her hand around his own. “No… I had you… to bring me back…” She said, remembering now that she had had a nightmare. Most of it was fuzzy, and she didn’t yet understand why he thought he “lost her”. She didn’t remember the demon… “What.. happened?”

    "I don't know exactly what happened, but I had no choice. I had to enter your mind to try and wake you up." He said, caressing her cheek and as he did, trying his best to heal what exhaustion he could. "Someone tried to grab you, a demon. It's complicated, but I saw to it they never got to you." Alana could feel his warmth feed into her as his fingers rubbed against her cheek. She placed a hand over his and shook her head gently. 

    "Save your strength.. I’ll be alright… I’m just weak.” She said, knowing it drained him to use his power in such a way. Her brow furrowed in worry and confusion. “Grab me? What are you talking about?” She reached a hand up to graze against the warm mark on the back of her neck. “I remember the pain… I could feel it in my dream. It was so real” Realization and worry dawned on her. “I hurt you…."


   "This is something I don't have answers for and I cannot stand by while it continues to spiral out of control." Lucifer pulled his hand back and shifted his gaze away from her. "This goes far beyond what we thought we knew and from what I've seen, it'll only get worse." He inhaled sharply. "I'll murder them all." He continued, mumbling the last words. He ignored that she asked him if she hurt him. That didn't matter, not now. Alana forced herself to sit up, shifting closer to him. She placed a hand on his cheek, turning her head to face her.

    “Then we go find answers… you promised me we would do this together..” His head turned to face her, shaking it at her words.

    "You are in no condition to go anywhere, let alone fight if I need it. I won't be gone long. I just need to see who's behind this and get rid of them." He held both her cheeks and had leaned in, kissing her deeply, passionately, almost unable to pull away. When he did, he stood and manifested a small box on her lap. "Open that when I leave. I won't be far. I love you." A flutter of wings and he was gone.


   Alana felt her heart sink hearing his words. Of course, he was right, she was far too weak to be of use, but it crushed her regardless. She returned the kiss, wanting so much to hold him there, never letting go. A tear slipped past tightened lids, staining her cheek as he pulled away. “Lucifer….” She wanted to plead with him to stay, to let her fight this with him, but she knew he was right. Tears broke free as he vanished, the woman now wrapping her arms around her legs and feeling a sense of dread wash over her. She felt the box press against her stomach and lowered her legs, grabbing it within her fingers and opening it. Pale digits ran across the necklace, tears dripping upon it as it sat in her lap. “I love you Lucifer…. Come back to me….” She muttered, knowing she could do nothing now but wait and regain her strength from the demon's attack. 


    "He took the bait," A demon reported once more to the seated man, causing that wicked grin to form once again along stubbled features.

    "Of course he did. We made quite certain that it was convincing. Without executing the attack on Ms. Crawford, this would have never worked. He may be the devil, but he is certainly not the brightest at times." The man replied, gaze narrowing at the demon before him. "We have one shot at this. Let us finally take back what is ours. I have been patient long enough." The man said, standing from his chair and adjusting his dark-colored suit jacket. "Let's go get my daughter." 


    Alana stood in the kitchen, staring out the window aimlessly for some time, her mind lost in thought over everything that happened in the past few days. She finally broke away from her mind and walked towards the table, picking up the necklace she had placed on it earlier. She held the charm in her hand, her thumb tracing along the edges of each wing. The light and the dark represented their love for each other, and the balance they both needed in each other’s lives. 

    "He will never truly love you."

   Alana suddenly spun around at the intruding voice, gasping as her neck was met with a long sharp needle. Red flames flickered within her eyes and she felt a severe weakness suddenly wash over her. The man grabbed her, slowly guiding her down to the floor as her legs gave out from beneath. “Lu….” The man placed a firm hand over her mouth. 

    “Ah ah. Not yet my dear. We need him to stay busy just a tad bit longer. We must prepare for him.” The stranger said, Alana now starting to fade in and out of consciousness as the man moved his hand away from her mouth and to the front side of her left shoulder. He cradled her firmly with the other arm while pressing his hand against her skin, causing searing pain to burn through it. Alana screamed, her legs kicking as she tried to use an ounce of strength she had left to pull away from the stranger. Everything went dark and the man's hand moved away, revealing a scalded mark on her skin, a demonic mark that would prevent Lucifer from finding her too soon. 

    The man remained on his knees for but a moment, gazing at the beautiful young woman his daughter had become. His hand brushed a lock of fiery tress from her eyes tucking it behind her ear. "My how you have grown my dear. Soon. Soon we will finally be able to make up for the lost time. There is just one more thing I need you to do, and I truly hope you are strong enough to survive it." The time for such emotions of fatherly love would come later, knowing they had to stay focused on the plan. 32 years, it took 32 years for them to reach this point. While he was a patient man, he was relieved that everything was finally reaching the end. She was his daughter, but more than anything, she was the key to destroying Lucifer once and for all. While her death would not be the most ideal outcome, depriving him of getting to know his daughter, if that is what it came to it would be a price he was willing to pay.

    The stranger now stood, lifting her into his arms, and nodding to the two demons who had come to assist if things went sideways. "Are you sure this will work? Are we sure he will come for her?" One asked, causing him to simply laugh.

    "After all these years of watching and waiting, the one thing I did not expect was that Lucifer and my daughter would genuinely fall in love. I may have marked her to draw them to each other, but what happened was not even something I could foresee. Trust me, he will come. And he will give his life for hers." The demon's grin nearly matched his own, having long-awaited to see the Devil fall. 


    Crowley, the King of Hell, took a long breath, feeling as if he could almost taste the victory at his fingertips. Without another word, the three blinked out of the home, his daughter finally safe in his arms. Upon their departure, the necklace slipped from Alana's hand, clattering onto the wood floor of the kitchen now devoid of her light.

Created by Patriot

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