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Life Changes
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People hear about Werewolves a lot but Lycan's are another story. Although Tru didn't grow up in the crisp mountains of Bailey Downs, Canada, like the bulk of her family; she was still overly shielded within her family's pack. Born and raised in the USA, the state of Missouri to be exact, her father made sure that she and her brothers, grew up with the Lycan traditions. Not having a lot to do with the outside world, even though she lived in the city, at the age of 19 she is now going to college. 

Going to a public college to obtain her degree in the medical field, she is also taking a minor in music and dance. Needless to say, being in society is a lot different that being in the sanctuary of her family home. She is, however, meeting new species and learning more about humans. Her mom is human and her father is Lycan/Force Knight, her mom left when she was only three; leaving her dad to raise her and her brothers. 

Learning about the world outside the pack was frequently heartbreaking. The way people treated each other and were so selfish with their wants and needs was opposite of the way a pack worked; at least the packs Tru knew. The positive side of civilization so far for her, was learning about various species...and currently, she had met a werewolf. Well actually, she smelt him and followed his scent because his smell was not familiar to her...got ran over by a person rushing out of the exit of the university...and then met the wolf boy, when he came to help her. 

Now she was at a point to find out about, the commonly spoke about wolf species (Werewolves), and see first hand, what makes Lycan's and Werewolves contrary. Not realizing she was somewhat of a hybrid herself, she would also soon flourish with knowledge about the subspecies that trailed off the two wolf bloodlines. This would eventually open her up to all the other creatures in the world, who's titles are unknown to her at this time.

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