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29 years old
Auburn, Georgia
United States

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January 17 2022

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BLOOD (Spartan Mitchell-027)  (5  photos)
Mitchell-027 was one of the many children who were chosen and abducted for the UNSC's Spartan II program. He trained with many of the Spartan candidates and was one of the few that survived when it came time to send them out on real missions. He earned the title BLOOD for relentless rampages on assault missions, leaving rooms filled with gore. He was also a skilled, precise, and patient when it came to wielding a SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper rifle, but got very irritated when his shots were off leaving his enemies to discover his presence. But the one thing that he enjoyed the most was using the standard Covenant explosive, the plasma grenade, and sticking it to grunts (Unggoy) and hearing their lamentation before it blew up, often using them on single targets instead of using them on multiple targets, just to get a reaction out of his enemies. His personality flaws being that he gets very obnoxious when retelling his experiences in battle with the Covenant and that he becomes extremely sadistic when going to war with his enemies. However, his strengths are that he is good to his allies, willing to give them heavy weapons like rocket launchers, Fuel Rod Cannons, and even the Spartan laser from behind his back for mere assault weapons.
Crimson Ghost Rider  (5  photos)
The Crimson Ghost Rider was one of Mephisto's recent creations after harnessing the energy of the original Ghost Rider. He was created to do Mephisto's bidding, dragging souls down to hell that made a deal and backed out at the last minute or anyone else he was ordered to apprehend rather the sin be great or insignificant. Often he would drive in a 1930s automobile, even before the time of it's design, ladened in flames wearing a jacket long black jacket to collect souls. But on one fateful day, He met up with Johnny Blaze, the new Ghost Rider. He attempted to capture this renegade and bring him back to the clutches of Mephisto. But through each encounter, Blaze's influence grew stronger on the Crimson Ghost Rider. On one such occasion, the Crimson Ghost Rider had incapacitated Johnny Blaze and it looked as though he was finally going to hand him over to Mephisto. But as things were looking Grim, at the last second, The crimson ghost rider grabbed Blaze's chain and lassoed him away from Mephisto's clutches, ultimately betraying his creator. He completely severed his ties by removing himself of his long black jacket and automobile and donned the spiky black leather biker jacket and bright red pants with a motorcycle as his new form of transportation, dragging souls down to hell who truly deserve eternal damnation.
The Dark Lich  (5  photos)
Bio: Lich was the first born son of the original grim reaper himself, who married a beautiful half bred vampiric human. He was the first ever natural born Lich with the cause remaining a mystery to this day. Lich was a happy child for 4 years with his family until it was declared illegal to love in the underworld. The powers that be apprehended Lich as a young child, mercilessly beating his mother and father as he presumed them to be dead. Lich was eventually abandoned 8 long years with the children, aswell as the adults, despising him on sight. They mocked and abused him for his family's love for one another, even going so far as to give him daily beatings that would normally kill somebody. Lich would often at times lash out his frustrations on the creatures of the underworld by taking the fight to them, but often with impunity invoked upon him as the beatings verbally and physically, along with the heckling, getting worser with each passing outburst. A life such as this would drive somebody to commit suicide, by a Lich's curse was their immortality as they are the very entities of death itself. But at the age of 12, fate smiled upon him as a mysterious man walked into his cave one day. This very man would one day become renowned in the world of earthrealm as the WWE wrestler, The Undertaker. He came upon Lich to ask would he be willing to become his apprentice. Lich not feeling a sense of being wanted in so long eagerly accepted the offer with open arms. He spent the next 8 years of his life training and learning everything from his master that he knows to this very day. At the age of 20, His master became the new Lord of Darkness and ruled over the northern parts of the Underworld and Lich then exacted his life long vengeance on those who took him away from his family. His skills in assassination and assault deemed him worthy of becoming a reaper of the damned. He then became apart of the alliance of Heaven and the Underworld, protecting humankind from the wickedness of the supernatural and the forces of Satan. He was then assigned the task to roam the earthrealm. He first arrived in Europe, where the people fear and despised him for bearing the image of death. Even when he rescued a damsel in distress, they ran in terror at the very sight of him. Several armies have attempted to smite him, but they were met with genocide. So Lich would then travel deeper into the woods and forests, seeking sanctuary in caves that were left vacant for eons. There he continues to serve his master as the apprentice of darkness, a reaper of the damned, and keep the balance of the alliance of heaven and the underworld.
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MusicI like any kind of music that sounds pleasing to me ears. But there are plenty of bands, artists, and genres that I can name off the top of my head. I do enjoy Rock music, especially Classic rock. Groups like The Beatles, who have a profound effect on my life as well as their solo releases, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, The Who, Elton John, just for kicks, Elvis Presley, who happens to be my 4th cousin in RL, Queen, Alan Parson Project, Electric Light Orchestra, Traveling Wilburys, Nazareth, Led Zeppelin, and a few others. I also do enjoy some of the modern Rock artists such as Coheed and Cambria, My Morning Jacket, well I'm interested in two of their albums but still, Grizzly Bear, Muse, Likin Park has some nice tunes, Nickleback is pretty good to but I'm not too crazy about them and a few others but those are just some off the top of my head. But my main interests lays elsewhere over seas, notably Europe and in some cases Japan. I am completely enthralled in the subgenre of industrial metal over in Germany called Neue Deutsch Harte (Or New German Hardness, literal translation). Bands like Rammstein, a notable favorite and another group that has a profound effect on my life, Oomph!, ASP, one of my personal favorites so much so that I put them on the same pedestal as Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, Tanzwut, Stahlhammer, mostly does really good cover songs with decent original material, and two groups from Finland, Turmion Katilot and Ruoska. I also enjoy the German Ostrock band, Die Puhdys, to whom I also like to consider a classic rock group. But what I enjoy about them the most is that even after nearly 50 years of being together, they can still come out with fresh new material that still can get you pumped. And to wind down I enjoy some music from the likes of Enya, Johnny Cash, Devotchka, Feeling B, a German Punk band in which three of the members of Rammstein were apart of before the six of them formed Rammstein, Bruce Springsteen, Julian Lennon, yes the son of John Lennon, Dire Straits, well about two or four of their songs...they still sound pretty good, Evanescence, Dethklok, cause I enjoy the show too, Asian Kung-fu Generation, mainly because of Rewrite (The 4th FMA opening theme, Stance Punks, mainly because of I Wanna Be (1st Soul Eater ending theme. Wouldn't mind getting the album that song is off of), Dropkick Murpheys, Bibio, Boards of Canada, ironically they're Scottish, and a few others because I've done enough rambling on here already. I do have some aspirations of becoming a radio or club DJ one of these days, but i'm NOT into the pop these days so please no Justin Beephead or Lady Gag-me, cause I like to call them. But hey, that's just my opinions alright? I like music that has some art in it and I'm a sucker for albums that tells a story or has a concept to it. That's why I enjoy artists like Moody blues, E.L.O, ASP, Who, and Pink Floyd. Like I said I enjoy all kinds of genres and I'm very much open minded, so long as it has something to do with what I'm interested in or you're very persuasive.

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