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my wife and mate is Ayame, I love her with all my heart, aswell as our daughters, I will do anything for them, nomatter the cost!

115 years old
Morciano di Romagna, Emilia-Romagna

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September 15 2020

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This version of me is for my friend yukari
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GeneralAll of my weapons are made from Orichalcum

ORICHALCUM a metal is akin to a steel alloy that is much stronger, and almost indestructible mentioned in several ancient writings, including the story of Atlantis as recounted in the Critias dialogue, recorded by Plato. According to Critias, orichalcum was considered second only to gold in value, and was found and mined in many parts of Atlantis in ancient times. By the time of Critias, however, it was known only by name. In numismatics, orichalcum is the golden-colored bronze alloy used for the sestertius and dupondius coins. Orichalcum is presented as a valuable ore that can be mined and crafted into powerful armor and weapons.

The name derives from the Greek ὀ, oreikhalkos (from ὄ, oros, mountain and , chalkos, copper or bronze), meaning "mountain copper" or "mountain metal."

The Romans transliterated "orichalcum" as "aurichalcum," which was thought to literally mean "gold copper." It is known from the writings of Cicero that the metal they called orichalcum, while it resembled gold in colour, had a much lower value.

Orichalcum has variously been held to be a gold/copper alloy, a copper-tin or copper-zinc brass, or a metal no longer known. The Andean alloy tumbaga fits the same description, being a gold/copper alloy. However, in Vergil's Aeneid it was mentioned that the breastplate of Turnus was "stiff with gold and white orachalc" and it has been theorised that it is an alloy of gold and silver, though it is not known for certain what orichalcum was.

In later years, "orichalcum" was used to describe the sulfide mineral chalcopyrite or brass. However, these are difficult to reconcile with the text of Critias, because he states that the metal was "only a name" by his time, while brass and chalcopyrite continued to be very important through the time of Plato until today. For that reason, other authors on the subject[who?] conclude that orichalcum is either the gold-copper alloy tumbaga, or possibly amber.

Ancient literature

Orichalcum is first mentioned in the 7th century BC by Hesiod and in the homeric hymn dedicated to Aphrodite, dated to the 630s.

According to the Critias by Plato, the three outer walls of the Temple to Poseidon and Cleito on Atlantis were clad respectively with brass, tin, and the third, which encompassed the whole citadel, "flashed with the red light of orichalcum." The interior walls, pillars and floors of the temple were completely covered in orichalcum, and the roof was variegated with gold, silver, and orichalcum. In the center of the temple stood a pillar of orichalcum, on which the laws of Poseidon and records of the first princes after Poseidon were inscribed. (Crit. 116119)

Orichalcum is also mentioned in the Antiquities of the Jews - Book VIII, sect. 88 by Josephus, who stated that the vessels in the Temple of Solomon were made of orichalcum (or a bronze that was like gold in beauty). Pliny the Elder points out that the metal has lost currency due to the mines being exhausted. Pseudo-Aristotle in De mirabilibus auscultationibus describes orichalcum as a shining metal obtained during the smelting of copper with the addition of "calmia," a kind of earth formerly found on the shores of the Black Sea.
BooksDeath is a woman In the face without masks Death is a woman In the moment you know yourself Death is a woman At the end of all questions Death is a woman As the well of all answers Death is a woman At the end of all regrets Death is a woman In the liberation through tears Death is a woman As the relief from battle Death is a woman In the loving embrace Death is a woman As the end of all pain Death is a woman As the return to the source Death is a woman In the dreamless sleep Death is a woman In the endless peace Death is a woman And I am that Woman

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Member Since:September 12, 2012
Orientation: No Answer
Body type:Athletic
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Problem Remover

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About me:
((OOC: Oracle is an original character created by me several years ago. As such she has no real category that she fits in. So I play her in the home universe of the person I'm role playing with. But her backstory and powers remain the same just adopted to where I'm roleplaying.))

I'm Oracle an incarnation of The Great Demon Legion or a copy if you will, as such I was second in command of his forces and his prisoner until he vanished and I left his service. Like most who where in his service I have scars, and a stoic and very stern cold temperament and was incapable of showing little to no expressions at all because of my training and have little social contact. As young girl, I watching corpses float down a river. Eventually, I was trained to become a kunoichi (female ninja) and assassin. I raised to be a weapon and nothing else, Though blessed with raw talent. I'm very serious minded and a highly skill assassin. Each of my eyes has a special power, the left allows me to see the future events that may or may not happen while the right allows me to see the past of anyone look a pun by it. then I met my love Ayame and who gave me my daughters.

After I join the world of man I founded Tetch International to both use the combat skills and to provide and income for my family's future. ((See Tetch International Blog for details
Who I'd like to meet:
fight Anime Gun Fight yuna shoot tifa fight Anime Fight

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