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Characters: Ryuutu Ten'ou
Verses: Japanese Mythology, Mythology, Supernatural, Shadowhunter, Asian
Playbys: Kang Tae-oh
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Asian, Custom, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance,
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About me:

He was born during the Joesen Dynasty period in Korea the year was 1772. In a small town that was surrounded by woods. His father was a five-hundred-year-old Earth kitsune and his mother was three-hundred-year-old Spirit Kitsune. Kitsunes were not as prosperous as they usto be but there were still quite a few out there. So it was still somewhat normal for two kitsunes to marry. His father was good with plants and healing. His mother was someone who helped spirits pass on that were bound to earth. She also was a priestess that’s what most people thought cause she was able to ride the world of evil spirits. He was raised with powers from both parents they trained him as he got older he got more powerful.

He had gone to help someone when he was about a hundred years old. When he came back he found that his parents were killed. There was a letter that was hidden by his father that told him to run and to live. He didn’t listen there were bad kitsune just like there was bad and good in any race or species. After he had killed the kitsune that had killed his parents for their power. He moved to England it was the victorian era. He started his own little clinic using herbal remedies and such that his father had taught him. He had his family's riches but he worked more with the common and the people that had no money.

By the time he was three hundred years old, he had moved to America where he traveled around and still had the wealth of his family's money. He had never been big on needing to spend it or needing expensive things. He lived simply as he moved around America still doing what he considered his work. Herbal healing and once in a blue moon if needed he used his magic to heal. Mostly with children and the elderly. He didn’t make a big deal that he saw a ghost. But that’s what he did on his traveling dealing with a troubling ghost that needed to be exorcised and sending the earth-bound ones that were just looking to finish something on earth so they could pass on.

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