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Who Framed Roger Rabbit verse. Joint profile for two characters. Smarty the Boss Weasel and Psycho the Weasel. Cartoon AU but flexible to make accommodations if the crossovers make sense. In fact? Crossovers are encouraged.

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United States

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September 02 2022

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Riiight here's a run-through of members of our organizations... some are 'associates' of ours!!!
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The sarcastic, icy, calculated, and nasally voiced boss of the Toon Patrol weasels.
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Coffee, diamonds, gambling, cigarettes, COLLECTING my crisp Benjamin dollar bills, loansharking, RAZORS, cooking, bank heists, SHYLOCKING, explosives, painting, money laundering, cars, guns, my video games, zoot suits, EXOTIC COWBOY BOOTS, baseball... WILD LADIES!!!! YUM!!! YUM!!!! AAAAND WHO COULD FORGET?!? FOOLING and HOODWINKING the law whenever they THIIIINK they caught up with us and got us in a CORNER!!! HEHEHEH HEHE HEEE!!!!


J.LO, Los Tigres Del Norte, the Sanderson Sisters, los CUATES DE SINALOA, Christina Maria Aguilera, Beyonce, BUKNAS DE CULIACAN, the Del Vikings, CALIBRE 50, Shan Gri Las, Daddy Yankee, Jonaty Garcia, Pitbull, Don Omar, Sean Paul, Del Shannon, Marvin Gaye, Dion and the Belmonts, the Marcels, Frankie Lymon, aaaaaand good ol' Ray Charles!!!

MoviesSCARFACE, the Godfather, 101 Dalmations, Casino, the Great Mouse Detective, Gotti, the Brave Little Toaster, Fern Gully, Good Fellas, the Rescuers, Black Cauldron, My Blue Heaven, the Sword in the Stone, the Irishman, the Jungle Book, Pinnochio, Gangs of New York, Oliver and Company, the Lady and the Tramp, DONNIE BRASCO, Lion King, All Dogs Go to Heaven, the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, RESEVOIR DOGS, Machete, DESPERADO, BOTH Space Jam movies, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the Aristocats, PULP FICTION, Bartok the Magnificent, SAVAGES, Robin Hood, HARLEM NIGHTS, Ratatoille, American Yakuza, Hoffa, Stuart Little, CAPONE, Peter Pan, HOODLUM, the Princess and the Frog, aaaand?? Aladdin!!!

Better Call Saul, Darkwing Duck, American Horror Story, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Breaking Bad, the Looney Tunes, the Sopranos, Inuyasha, Sons of Anarchy, Ducktales, Unsolved Mysteries, Teen Titans, Batman the Animated Series, Yogi Bear, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Top Cat, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Underdog, Huckleberry Hound, the PowerPuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, QuickDraw McGraw, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Harvey Birdman, Animaniacs, the Fairly Odd Parents, Proud Family, Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, CatDog, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, the Jetsons, aaaand MAYANS!!!


FRANKIE ESPARZA, Louis Lepke, Santo Trafficante, DARTH VADER, Armand Assante, Fat Tony, Don Michael Corleone, Bartok the Bat, Ivan the Terrible, Grunty Winkybunion, PRINCE VLAD of SZEKELY, General Augusto Pinochet, Ripper Roo, ALBERT ANASTASIA 'THE LORD HIGH EXECUTIONER,' Sir Rattigan, 'CRAZY JOEY' GALLO, Hades, SISTER MARY EUNICE, Tony Accardo, Jimmy Burke, MYER LANSKY, Lefty Ruggiero, Dr. Facilier, BUGSY SIEGEL, Banjo aaaand Kazooie, Carmine 'the Snake' Persico, Donkey Kong, Jimmy 'the Weasel' Fratianno, Mario and Luigi, ARNOLD ROTHSTEIN, Sonic the Hedgehog, Joaquin 'EL CHAPO' Guzman Loera, Frank Abbandado, aaaand JOHN GOTTI!!!


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Member Since:June 04, 2022
Status: Single
Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Merriwether City
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Some college
Occupation:Mafiosi Mercenary

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About me:

Character I"...Juuuussstt call me PSY.. don't ask me the name or family business... ALLL ya need to know is that I'm an AGENT for the TOON PATROL WEASELS. Our sergeant Smartass, yeah, that's what they call him. WE call him the Boss. He tells us to SCURRY, we ask him how far. He tells us to JUMP? We gotta ask HOW FAR. My cohorts an' I are on-call TWENTY-FOUR HOURS a day, SEVEN DAYS a week!!! Aaaaaaaand if the boss sends us out after someone? My job ain't done until I take 'em DOWN. You get the picture. WE catch ya? WE tell's ya to do somethin' and if you don't? YOU pay the price."

Psycho the weasel is a fictional character, one of the villain henchmen from the film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit.' He wears a straitjacket and often seen with a razor. It could be implied that before he lived the life of a Toon Patrol weasel that he was once admitted into a criminally insane institution. Whether he was released, escaped, or helped busted out is unknown seeing as he's had minimal screen time. In all of his scenes he is often heard doing a high-pitched laugh, whether or not this is automatic laughing or not is unknown. In fact, he has more laughter than dialogue in all of his scenes put together.

He seems to be most enthusiastic about the idea of killing others or otherwise seeing suffering of others. One instance that certainly proves he lives up to his name was towards the end of the film when he climbs a ladder excitedly cheering it was 'time to kill the rabbits' OR when Judge Doom dipped a shoe in a barrel of turpentine acetone benzine or otherwise the dip.

In his final scenes in the movie, he is seen laughing with the rest of the weasel henchmen at Eddie Valiant going to extreme lengths injuring himself to make them laugh. Psycho the Weasel was the last henchman to die in the film when he falls off of the platform and into a spinning machine with his razor blade. As his ghost is leaving the warehouse, his last attempt of retaliation and attempt to kill Roger and Jessica Rabbit, he slams his sleeve on a lever to fire the dip cannon to melt and burn them. He gives one last sinister high-pitched laugh as he flies upwards and disappears off-screen.

"Ya wanna know what we do and WHAT we're all about? YA DON'T wanna know what we do and what we run. SOMEONE'S ganna hafta disappear if I tell's ya. WE RUN OUR OWN funeral parlor, ya know's? You carry, WE BURY!!! HEHE HEHE HEEE!!!"

Smartass Boss Weasel is exactly as his name and title suggests. Other credits named him as 'Smarty' or 'Smart Guy' due to Roger Rabbit being a Disney film. He is the calculated and icy leader of the Toon Patrol weasels or otherwise an acting boss for the weasel gang. Smarty is most known for being very crass, sarcastic, violent-tempered and is often demonstrated how he took out his rage on the members of the Toon Patrol weasels as well as almost everyone else he crossed paths with. Because of his brash, cold-hearted yet slightly feminine personality traits as well as his outfit being predominantly pink and white, over the years many have speculated that Smarty could be bisexual or gay. None of his preferences nor lifestyle has ever been discussed in the film.

Out of all of the weasels, Smarty seems to be the only one able to control his laughter better than the rest of them. Early on, in their second appearance he vehemently hissed a statement warning the henchmen weasels they could 'die laughing' one day if they're not careful. This statement played out to be a FORESHADOWING of their later demise in the film.

When nearly all of the shifty weasel gangsters are killed, he is one of the last few remaining before he is kicked by Detective Eddie Valiant across the warehouse and into the giant vat of dip. Unlike the others who shared lime green translucent Angel holograms of themselves, Smarty was the only one who was completely eviscerated by the acid chemicals. Only his bright pink wide-brimmed fedora floating into the pool of dip. From then on, he was no more.

Smart Ass Boss Weasel's weapons of choice were a dagger, a Smith and Wesson, and of course dip. His favorite pastimes when he was not abusing his henchmen was smoking cigars and cigarettes.

Who I'd like to meet:
RIGHT now, there's a contract out on the Pink Panther... a mouse girl named Chissy... let's see... the RABBITS Roger and Jessica has NOT yet been recessed as far as I know.

We are assigned to meet with two gents on motorcycles named Billy Ray Snapper aaaand a RONDO CHAVEZ...

But who would I like to meet? Mmm!!! SHRIEK the Greaser Dog!!!! Mr. TICK TOCK CROCODILE, Shenzi the Hyena, Cruella DeVille, aaaand OOOH-WEEEE-OOOOH!!! The LOVELY MISS MADISON MONTGOMERY!!!!

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ΠΌadaΠΌ devΞΉl

Aug 3rd 2022 - 2:18 PM

Cruella stood there looking at the thing, her brow raised as she listened to him go on and on. With a small eye roll Cruella watched him till he was done running his mouth a mile a minute. "Darling are you done? I can tell you i don't make fur coats out of you things. You're not big enough to make anything out of. Plus your dirty and gross, but i can see you are can be of use to me. Like i could use you for help with somethings. How about i'll let you live if you will agree to work for me?" she said then a cool smirk came to her lips "Free room and home and food is what i'll pay you..what do you say?"
Sonny Chiva

Jun 21st 2022 - 6:38 PM

The sound of leather shoes the only thing registered as he walked in stride after parking his vehicle on the first level after tipping the attendant handsomely and placing it towards the back exit where its visibility was obscured from others using the facility. The serenity of the moment disturbed by the clacking sound of stilettoes now filling the dark cold ambient of the night. His mind now only on his prized ride, a nineteen sixty nine Chevelle four speed in mint condition left behind while he tried in vain to avoid the rowdy females now coming up behind him as he walked, keeping his own pace.Β 

"Hey Papi, take me with you." Quipped one of the young females now upon him as they laughed and passed him, gazing as they walked by, acting as if already drunk, plums of moisture exhaling through their facial orifice as they spoke and laughed, their locks bouncing above their exposed shoulders, the scent of perfume left in their wake. The broad smile on his face acknowledging the evident arousal now within his trousers.Β 

"You don't want any of this honey, I'm bad news, all over." He quipped back as the vibrant young woman smiled back, almost leaving her friends if not for them holding her back, arms locked as they now laughed harder into the night and pulled further away from him, towards the boulevard just ahead of them. He knew the bluff most women that age used on men, it was not after all his first rodeo when dealing with the opposite sexual gender. He knew that when a woman wanted a man, no words where even necessary, at times, under the right circumstance.Β 

The dark alleys of the city left behind now as unfortunately his steps followed that of the rowdy young females just ahead attracting the attention of all on the boulevard that night, which to him, was really a blessing in disguise, helping him become the grey-man much more easily, as all the attention was being brought to the three beautiful scantily dressed females, spectacularly arousing everything in sight around them, until the inevitable finally happened when two drunk men squandered out of one of the casinos now ahead of them on the left. Β 

Hues redirect at another figure now walking out after the drunk males are now engaging the young females causing a commotion on the boulevard. His senses still active, he now broadened his focus, taking it all in as he approached ever so close, and beginning to pass the altercation now started.

Physical aggression now entailed events as both men grabbed at the females who were trying to avoid them. "Hey any of you have a light?" He murmered as angst now overcame the females eyes next to him being held against her will by the brawny inebriated males. "Go f*** yourself." Was all he said as while he spoke, Sonny blindsided him with a straight punch coming from his hip, jumping into it and delivering all the force brought from the move, the speed and his weight now coming down on the side of the drunk brawny males jaw.

Landing over the man now knocked out cold yet twitching, he looks first, then spins his right foot clockwise and lands a spinning kick on the face of the second man while looking at him dumbfounded, yet still holding the second females arm, and swore he heard facial bones breaking from the force of his right foot now landing, as he crouched and stood defensively finishing the move, then scanning his rear and sides in periphery, almost reaching for his concealed weapon, now not needed.

Quickly walking away before he could get caught, he dashes into a dark alley and inhales deep while fixing his shirt and checking for any blood that might have splattered on him, and that's when he's approved, and redies himself again, that wild violent night as all he tried was to enjoy the cool summer night.


Jun 19th 2022 - 2:01 AM

(YOU JUST made my night! Β Thank you, dear. I honestly have my storyline heavily based on who framed Roger rabbit, so we absolutely need to do some storylines: . Β I adore your writing already.)

*Her eyes watered at the idea of them catching Mick or any of her friends* I guess ya haven't heard that Mick is running for mayor, so Pete and the rest of you will be booted out of here! Just you watch! One day Toonsville will be peaceful again.Β 

Jun 19th 2022 - 1:16 AM

and you have some nerve hanging around the club this late at night, *rolls her eyes.* Β andΒ 
if this was your way of getting me to tell you where mick is.... I won't *snatches the cigar outΒ 
of his hand*Β 

(Okay, I adore your portrayal of this little-sh*t xD sorry my responseΒ 
Is small, dear. Im mobile)
ΠΌadaΠΌ devΞΉl

Jun 13th 2022 - 12:51 PM

And what are you darling?
I don't think i've ever seen you before..but being a fashion
Diva i need to keep up with the styles.Β  You look
like you seen something and can even unsee it.
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