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115 years old
Captain Cook, Hawaii
United States

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June 08 2020

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About me:

What are we about?

Eden's Requiem is a story-driven group set in an urban fantasy world where four secret organizations are at war with one another. This world is, ultimately, dictated by the Chains of Fate, and by the very Gods that rule our reality. The overarching story takes place on Earth, specifically, in the years 2020 AD and beyond. The story will, eventually, delve into more complicated aspects such as the Multiverse Theory and more.

What can we offer?

The staff of the Eden's Requiem group are responsible adults that have every intention of treating everyone who joins equally. We, ultimately, wish to offer a compelling narrative-driven experience for anyone who is interested, and the chance to allow each and every character to grow as the plot progresses. To give everyone a shot at the spotlight and of course, bring in both fun and interesting character interaction.

What are the requirements in order to join?

-You must have a discord. This is an absolute requirement to join. It's how we determine whether or not if we, the admins, know you. If you wish to join, you are required to present your discord to us, or you will be denied access.

-Upon joining, you must read the rules. Keep in mind, you will be locked out of the most channels until after you have read the rules. This includes the roleplay channels.

-You must have some level of maturity. It's all fun and games until someone thinks it's funny to harass someone for no reason. We're not about that life.

-Must have some degree of proper grammar.

Who I'd like to meet:
The Pendragon Stories Arc Synopsis:

The Order of the Scions is an organization of Mages that dedicate their efforts to a common cause: the complete preservation of mankind. Powerful Mages from all corners of the globe battle against unknown forces that threaten our world, and the very existence of human life. To utilize the supernatural world in order to benefit human lives, this is the very foundation of the Order. Of course, joining their ranks is no mere easy task.

In order to join the Order, one must first graduate from the Three Founding Academies. And this is where Pendragon Academy comes in.

Pendragon Academy is a prestigious institute for individuals who yearn to dabble in the mystical arts. Known to be the home of some of the greatest Mages in history, and the very home of the famed Nicholas Flamel himself. Here, students study and train under the best of the best. Of course, school life here is no mere fun and games. The possibility of injury or death is very real-- in fact, it's common among the weak links. If one does not learn to master the unknown, then they will be consumed by it entirely.

The year is currently 2020. And you are among the many who study in this legendary Academy. I would say "good luck", but luck is a concept foreign to many in the unknown world.

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