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Female, 116

Last Login: April 24, 2021

Characters: Zevlaros
Verses: All Verses Welcome!
Playbys: 【I Do Not Use Discord】
Lengths: One Liner,Semi
Genre: Ancient, Anime, Asian, Drama, Fantasy, Horror,


AU of Nezuko and Inyuasha Inyusha is female in my au Based on the anime series not the manga Member of Brave & Rising rpg

Female, 27
Darien, Connecticut
United States

Last Login: June 23, 2021

Characters: Demon Nezuko AU, Female Inuyasha
Verses: Demon slayer, Inuyasha, crossovers encouraged
Playbys: None at the moment
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Cartoon, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Video Game,


Female, 29
Townsville, California
United States

Last Login: May 05, 2021

Characters: Blossom Utonium, Bloss, Commander and The Leader, The Smart One
Verses: Powerpuff Girls, PPG, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Sci-Fi, Crime, Mature
Playbys: Chloe Bennet
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Comic, Heroes/Villains, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting,


Female, 30

United States

Last Login: May 30, 2021

Characters: Rebecca "Revy" Lee, Weiss Schnee
Verses: Black Lagoon, RWBY, Star Wars, Alien, Blade Runner, AC Black Flag, etc,any really as long as Im fami
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Comedy, Crossover, Drama, Romance,

♢ ♢ ♢

Other, 116


Last Login: April 04, 2021

Characters: White Diamond, White, My Diamond
Verses: Steven Universe, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Playbys: Charlize Theron
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Comic, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Science Fiction,


Hoping to get the Dragon Ball verse going :) Multi LI character, looking for some great stories and fun adventures

Male, 25

Last Login: March 29, 2021

Characters: Shallot
Verses: Dragon Ball universe
Lengths: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Romance, Spar/Fighting,


Kim Jihyun mystic messenger app. trigger/cw— some disturbing/triggering backstory. spoilers will happen if you add.

Male, 26

Last Login: May 11, 2021

Characters: Kim Jihyun/V
Verses: Open, Cult, Otome
Playbys: Min Yoongi
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Anime, Asian, Crime, Crossover, Drama, Psychological,


Male, 115

Last Login: April 03, 2021

Characters: Hercules
Verses: Disney • Modern • Historical • Crossovers
Playbys: S.H
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Ancient, Anime, Cartoon, Comedy, Heroes/Villains,

ᵐᵃᵈᵃᵐ ᵃʰ ᵗºʸ

Female, 43
San Francisco, California
United States

Last Login: May 19, 2021

Characters: 开诶迪诶开 诶吉 哦勒儿(Madam Ah Toy)
Verses: 吾诶艾艾艾勒艾(Warrior) Ancient,Historical,Dynasty,Western,Alternate Verse
Playbys: 勒杰艾吉艾诶 西吉伊艾弗(Olivia Cheng)
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Ancient, Anime, Asian, Gore, Heroes/Villains, Mafia,


Lover of Horses and an Author coming you.

Female, 30
United States

Last Login: March 15, 2021

Characters: Pearl Whitehead
Verses: LOTR ((All the Movies)), Star Wars((All the Episodes)), Tron((Movie)), Horseland((TV)), Mortal Komba
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy, Video Game,


Male, 26

Last Login: March 14, 2021

Characters: Acehilm, Neil, Aidan,Bruce Banner/Hulk, Umasi, Zyid,Daniel Siempre, Gregory House
Verses: Shadow of The Wind, Marvel, OC, House M.D.
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Anime, Casual, Fantasy, Open, Real Life, Suspense,


Female, 28

Last Login: May 31, 2021

Characters: January
Verses: BNHA, MHA, My Hero Academia, Crossovers
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Spar/Fighting,


My rp preferences

Female, 28

Last Login: June 23, 2021

Characters: Hermione Granger,deku,Bella swan,kagome,Sakura haruno,etc
Verses: My hero academia,naruto,twilight,Harry Potter,etc
Lengths: One Liner,Semi
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Movie, Romance,

Agent Avaren McCoy

Aria McCoy, (Marvel/X-Verse) and Avaren McCoy (SHIELD).

Female, 19
United States

Last Login: June 23, 2021

Characters: Agent Avaren McCoy of S.H.I.E.L.D.— Dark themes—Mature—Very active writer.
Verses: SHIELD, Marvel, MCU, X-Men, Crossover
Playbys: Maggie Q- India Eisley (Young Avaren)
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy,


Female, 18

Last Login: February 24, 2021

Characters: Baruski Autake (OC)
Verses: One Piece, Anime
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Romance,

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