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11/18/2015 11:18 PM 


To make sure that I'm keeping up with storylines, I'm going to post them here. 
If I have forgotten you, please do remind me. 
If you'd like to be added to this list feel free to message me. 

Lecherous Heart 
Santa D*ck
Troubled Hunter

Sword and Stone
Little Lottie 

Active storylines; 
Serpentine- Caroline gets kidnapped and is used against Klaus
Angel Magnet; Catfish 
Little Lottie; Caroline comes to NOLA with a plan to stop Klaus from using Hope's blood to make Hybrids, and is under the assumption that Freya is trying to protect her. 
Sword and Stone- Caroline has a werewolf problem and calls Dean whom she has a past with. 
Roger Rabbit; Caroline's pregnancy. 

Starters sent out; 
Roger Rabbit 

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