01/15/2020 03:59 PM 

Looking for writers to play the family
Current mood:  hopeful

I am looking for writers to play Humbert I, Count of Savoy's children and grandchildren when playing a role please be mature and the story is dark content to begin with and must be willing to use the family layout it is dark epic story do message me if interesting in a role and much thanks. The story is entitled: da Vinci's Demons- New Hope see page for details. http://darkestsoul.tripod.com/thealliancestoryi/

10/03/2019 06:38 PM 

The saddest tale-Short Story-
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There is a woman by the name Sarah

Higgins and it has been six years

since her child has died. Every day

she is seen by the crib for which her

child has slept in with her hand inside

touching the blankets the child slept

inside. She continues to stay in the

child's room every day and night as

she never leaves the room since her

baby died from crib death. Since the

death of her child she sleeps little

and eats little she seems to give up

hope. One night she was standing by

the window as her husband went to

talk to her as he stood by her she

begins to mumble to herself softly.

He keeps trying to reach her yet the

grief for her child overwhelms her

very soul. Even during the winter

months she would start the fire in

the small fireplace she had put in

before her child was born. Times

continues to move on yet she still

unable to accept her child has died.

03/11/2019 10:05 AM 

Needing stories to happen.
Current mood:  determined

I really would like to be able to do stories here yet don't even know where to begin requesting friends at this point yet no one gets it I am running a highly respectable story if one gives it a fair chance at it. Before judging the name Mussolini why don't you read his chapter in the story to begin with then you will realize I am bringing respect back to him if one can understand that much. So if one willing to give me a chance to do stories while finding things out different do request me and much thanks.

Writer for

Benito Mussolini

03/07/2019 03:48 PM 

New World Order
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The national anthem for New World Order and countries involved in NWO are as follows: Italy, France, Spain and Russia......

02/28/2019 10:36 AM 

Great Need Of Mature Writers For My Alliance Story.
Current mood:  determined

I am running a clean, respectful and tasteful story and I am in great need of Writers to play certain accounts for me and missing people as well. I am really not looking for people just to join in the story but to play the roles that are actually needed and each family of Italy has it's own layout when playing in the family must use that layout. Website already linked to each profile just click on to it and read the website and it still needs a editor as well. I am also in great need of Mussolini family to be played just read his side and realize I am playing him with most respect and with honor as well. Do contact me if interesting in taking account or playing a role thank you. By the way I do not like those who tries to conflict in my serious story and to stay off it once and for all .

10/01/2016 08:48 PM 

Benito Mussolini Prime Minister of Italy side of the allÓance story.
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9:06 PM 9/13/2016 From there Moriarty at some point met up with the prime minister that soon after that began working for him while making $80,000 dollars per enemy of Benito Mussolini. Even there where he is currently working set up an bank account while leaving his money there so when he needed it he knew he has some tuck in his private account. Soon to follow even Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci to soon began working for the prime minister on defense of Italy protecting all that lives here that no outsider can do any evil on the people of Italy. Meanwhile it is Lorenzo di Piero de Medici who introduce the prime minister two sets of guilds one assassin to protect the people of Italy while the Cleric's heals the people while serving for the people. As Mussolini sits there while listening to Lorenzo de Medici de facto leader of Florence, Italy he agrees with Lorenzo's idea as he says he will place guilds in the most weak area's of Italy at first then work on the rest of Italy but be would need to use both Michelangelo and Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci since they both can engineer as Lorenzo agrees with the prime minister. Since than the prime minister started building the guilds where it is most needed while Leonardo and Michelangelo both now busy working on the defense of Italy while earning $80,000 each for every city they both complete together. Meanwhile Benito Mussolini has been setting up pubs in different area's of Italy and guilds that needed it the most while the area's didn't he will do when the weak area's are done first. Since Mussolini has been setting up guilds for assassin's and cleric's protecting while serving for the people that Benito has time to visit the important families of Italy while gaining favors from the people seeing he has change for the better while focusing on Italy along with the people. One of the families Mussolini shows more favorites to will be house of Medici since it was Lorenzo di Piero de Medici who introduce Mussolini the guilds to help serve and protect the people. Slowly as the guilds and pubs being build while Mussolini started going home to his beloved wife spending time with her as he is learning not to be stressed out for worrying so much now assassin's will kill the enemies and criminals of Italy leaving him less to worry. Alessandra Mussolini who is member of the European Parliament for Central Italy and his granddaughter from his second wife first son. Alessandra spends a lot of time with her family and helping her grandfather out whenever he needed since she enjoy's working with him on shaping Italy to be a better and safer place to live for everyone that lives and visits Italy. Even Benito and his family has enjoyed Angels of Vengeance's and they to bear the crest of aV on the left side of their chest on their clothes they wear on that day showing whose side they are on within the beginning of the alliance.

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